Greenbuild Show in Chicago

Greenbuild Show in Chicago

I just returned from attending the “Greenbuild Show” in Chicago where we shot some great footage on a ton of new ideas that have hit the market as well as a few new twists on some old ideas. This recent interest in green building and living is big. The effort and focus that is being placed on this trend should produce some very innovative products in the months and years ahead.

I remember when the energy crunch of the 80’s hit, every one was looking for alternatives and many were found. This push to develop the latest and greatest ideas will be something we’ll be following closely and look forward to sharing with you… and on the air.

We’re also in the process of putting together a list of cool gift ideas for that handy person around your home. We will have that ready for you soon. This is not a list that companies pay to be on, it’s our effort to comb through all the information we receive and share it with you.

If you find something on our site that proves helpful or have any suggestions, bring them on… or leave a comment.


  1. DANNY
    Glad to hear your “picking up the tool belt” where DON ZEMAN have left it!
    As NANCY will tell you,I was his biggest fan from Sheboygan Wi.!
    We will be listing Sat.for the NEW Homefront!


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