1. Chelsea… I see you frequently use an airless paint sprayer on the show for both indoor and outdoor applications. I’m in the market and need to paint my siding and kitchen cabinets in the near future. Which sprayer do you endorse???

  2. My name is Michael terry as you can see I from Augusta Ga. My home need a major overhaul. For the past nine years I let my Ex-wife stayed in the home. She don’t did anything to the home. so I asked her to let me have the home back. I have a seven months old baby now. Would like to make the home comfortable for her .

    • Hi, Eva! We can only accept entries through the official form.
      Just for clarification, are you saying you’re not able to access the entry form?

  3. Registered! Fingers crossed. Your show is so helpful and gives so many great tips. I love that it targets people like me who dont own $100,000,000 homes.💖

  4. I am married and both my wife and I are retired. We have been “planning” on how to redo my shower room for 13 years and are getting close. A little hep would be appreciated. Know anyone that has the knowhow and some time to come by and help out a couple fine ol country folks?

    • Hi, Stephen,
      First, you need to determine what to put in the bathroom. Here’s Chelsea’s bathroom remodeling episode for inspiration: https://todayshomeowner.com/video/bathroom-remodeling-for-first-time-homeowners/
      Once you determine that, then it’s as easy as choosing your favorite items at the home center, matching their measurements with available space in the master bathroom, and making the project happen.
      Your local home center can help with the specific measurements and recommendations to make sure everything is the right fit (in all the ways that count).
      Good luck!

  5. I am 68 years old, live on Social Security and my 44 year old home DESPERATELY NEED a makeover (my bathroom of 44 years has NEVER had a make over). You would NEVER believe what a BLESSING it would be to have an update. I watch you and Chelsea every chance I get, but get really depressed when I look at the great things you do for people. You both are a great BLESSING to all that need help. Blessings, Gail Smith

  6. My current lighting in the bathroom is very old and lacking, although I’m not so sure if putting MORE light on the subject is the answer, I have to do something.

  7. I really need an updated bathroom, I have my 88 year old mother living with us and in desperate need of an remodel to accommodate to her since I have only 1 bathroom and only have a tub so it’s really hard to get her showered since she has to step over the tub and is deathly afraid of falling so this would be a blessing to me for her.


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