More often than not, carpets are used as home décor rather than their main purpose which is as a textile floor covering. But homeowners—and even commercial space owners—have good reasons for using their carpets in such a way. This is particularly true since carpets are made of “woven fabric,” which is seen as an inferior floor covering compared to vinyl and tiles. 

However, there are still those who prefer functional carpets. And the good thing is that there are brands like Stainmaster and Lifeproof that stick to what a carpet should be: a functional and aesthetically pleasing home furnishing. 

Perhaps, you came here to see which of the two brands is better?

    All About Stainmaster and Lifeproof Carpet


    Manufactured by Stainmaster, Stainmaster Carpet is one of the best-known brands in the flooring industry. The company has been in the industry since 1986 and since then, has become one of America’s most trusted carpet brands.

    Stainmaster has become a household staple across the US thanks to its revolutionary stain-resistant technology and heavy-duty capabilities. It is recognized for its kid- and pet-friendly features as well. The carpets are also known for their durable, yet soft, texture. 

    Stainmaster products are not limited to carpets! The company offers other types of floor coverings, too, such as vinyl. You can shop for their products exclusively at Lowe’s.  

    Lifeproof Carpet

    Lifeproof is a carpet brand manufactured by one of the flooring industry’s giants, Mohawk Flooring. The carpet brand was introduced a few years ago and, while it is relatively new in the game, it has garnered positive attention among residential and commercial space owners thanks to its impressive stain-resistant technology. 

    Lifeproof’s carpets come in different styles as well. With more than 100 designs in their gallery, you can choose from carpets with patterned, twisted, and even looped designs. Each carpet is sold at a reasonable price. 

    Lifeproof’s carpet products are exclusively sold at HomeDepot. 

    A Side-by-side Comparison

    Durability Comparison

    A carpet’s lifespan often depends on how durable it is, especially in certain conditions. Lifeproof and Stainmaster both guarantee that all their textile floor covers are up to par and won’t degrade easily.

    Here’s why:

    • Material and construction. Carpets are essentially woven fabric and, as mentioned, many believe them to be inferior to other floor covering materials. But Stainmaster and Lifeproof’s carpets are made and woven differently from traditional carpets.

      Lifeproof’s carpets, for instance, use a type of fiber strand called Bulked Continuous Filament (BCF). It is a type of thread that is produced in one long, continuous strand. This method prevents typical carpet problems like fuzzing and shedding. It also helps the carpet to be more wear-resistant as well. 

      Lifeproof also uses fibers like Nylon, Polyester, Triexta, or a mix of two or three for their carpets. These fibers are known for their excellent texture retention which makes the carpet dent resistant. 

      This is also true for Stainmaster.

      Stainmaster uses a special nylon fiber which is called “type 6.6.” Type 6.6 has a unique molecular structure compared to a standard nylon thread; it takes the shape of a spring, which prevents the fiber from fraying and matting particularly in high traffic spaces. 
    • Stain-resistant. Both Lifeproof and Stainmaster are stain resistant thanks to their unique fiber threads.

      Stainmaster’s “type 6.6” nylon, for example, is “solution-dyed,” a coloring process where, unlike the “piece-dye” method, a stain blocker solution is used as a way to close the dye sites in the fiber. Hence, it produces stain-resistant, vibrant, and long-lasting carpets.

      The same goes for Lifeproof. Although these carpets do not handle stains that have already set quite as well as Stainmaster.

    Style Range

    Home furnishings should be aesthetically pleasing as well. As such, Lifeproof and Stainmaster offer hundreds of carpet styles and designs.

    Stainmaster, for instance, offers a wide array of carpet designs, with more than 300 styles for customers like you to choose from. These carpets are then divided into five categories: PetProtect, Essentials, Livewell, Active Family, and TruSoft.

    Lifeproof, on the other hand, has over 100 carpet designs. The style ranges from twisted carpets, looped, textured, and patterned ones. 

    Cost Comparison

    A carpet from Lifeproof or Stainmaster is in the mid to high price range. Do take note that the price for each brand’s carpets varies depending on the style, color, and type. But on average, Lifeproof costs around $2 to $7 per square foot while Stainmaster ranges from $1.70 to $5 per square foot—the slightly less expensive option. 

    Installation Comparison

    Unfortunately, installing a carpet is not as simple as other floor coverings. This is especially true for DIY enthusiasts. So, if this is your first time, it is best to hire an experienced carpet installer. But on the plus side, both Lifeproof and Stainmaster offer free installation via Home Depot and Lowes respectively. 

    Warranty Comparison

    Despite their claims that their products are durable and stain-resistant, all carpets from both brands are still covered under warranties.

    Stainmaster, for example, comes with a lifetime stain and soil warranty. Its other types or series of carpets are covered with a unique warranty too, including a pet warranty. 

    Lifeproof, on the one hand, provides limited warranties as well. The condition for each warranty varies based on the carpet chosen. Lifeproof’s standard warranty, for example, does not cover stains such as pet urine or blood. As such, if you have pets, it is best to ask if the carpet is covered with PetProof and PetStain Warranty first. The same goes for other stains. 

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    The Verdict

    Is Lifeproof better than Stainmaster?

    Function-wise, both are equals. Both brands provide durable carpets with superior stain-resistant technology. They both come with free installation and a lifetime warranty as well. They share almost the same price, too.

    The only thing I noticed—which gives Stainmaster the upper hand—is that Lifeproof offers fewer carpet design options than Stairmaster. As such, if you value a wider variety of design selection, I recommend Stainmaster.

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