DIY Recycling Chute

Finding room in the kitchen to store the various bins needed for recycling can take up a lot of valuable cabinet space.

Here Danny comes up with an innovative solution to the problem by installing chutes made from standard 4” dryer vent pipe that send cans and plastic bottles to bins located on a lower floor of the home.


  1. What a great idea!!!!!!! As a woman who is having to renovate the house for an appraisal herself, because my husband recently had back surgery that failed, this seems easy enough for me to handle as well as taking an enormous problem out of the kitchen that until now I couldnt figure out how to handle correctly. It appears to be very cost effective. I am wondering if concrete tubing would do the same thing or if it would be cheaper..I have honestly never bought drier tubing, so I guess I will have to price it out:) again thanks!!!

  2. I was planning on doing this in my home but I am struggling with designing a chute that can handle glass recyclables without them breaking at the bottom. Any ideas?

  3. how about trying a small bend in the tubing to make the bottles enter on a slide instead of a drop. The resistance would slow the bottles and maybe save them from breaking.

  4. I think this is a great idea. Is there a fire safety issue with this design? If fire started on the lower level could these chutes speed up the fire’s ability to spread to the upper level?

  5. This is so weird and stupid. Your gonna put a whole and mess up your house so you can save time to take your recycle stuff from upstairs to downstairs. This is plain dumb, being lazy and not economical.


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