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A homeowner sees his laundry room as an obvious choice for a new pool bathroom. But, there are some challenges he must first overcome, mainly creating a drain for a toilet. Listen to find out what he can do to move forward with the job.

Also, a listener’s paint is peeling from his concrete block house. The necessary steps he should take that will make sure the next time he paints the house… it’ll stick.

And, Chelsea Lipford-Wolf checks in to talk about her progress with adding a new master bathroom to her home.

Plus, Joe has a Simple Solution that will help you store an air hose using an old paint can.

Listener Questions

danny lipford and joe truini

Painting a Concrete Block House

Paul from Mississippi says, “My wife and I bought a concrete block house. The house was painted white when we bought it We painted it but the paint is peeling. Is there a certain paint or certain trick you use to keep paint from peeling or would you recommend overlaying it?”

Turning a Laundry Room Into a Pool Bathroom

Jon-Paul from Florida says, “We have a laundry room with an exterior door leading directly to our pool area. It would be the ideal pool bath. Only one problem, no toilet drain. My limited plumbing knowledge is telling me the only solution is a major renovation involving adding a toilet drain. But, are there any “out-of-the-box” solution(s) that won’t break the bank?”

Cleaning a Clawfoot Tub

Ray from New York says, “I can not get my tub clean and white on the inside using the products for removing iron and calcium and soap residue. What do you Suggest?”

Fix the Water Heater… or Go Shopping

Morgan from Iowa says, “I’m debating if I should fix a water heater where the “reset” button keeps tripping or replace it. To start with it is just over 20 years old (manufactured in Jan 1999) and I don’t believe the anode rod has ever been replaced. There is also a lot of manganese and the area has very hard water. I am also having trouble finding replacement elements. My current tank takes 1 3/8″ threads. I have only found 1″ threads. The thermostats also seem like different connections.”

Worn Concrete Patio

Anthony from North Carolina says, “We just bought a house that was built in the ’70s. There’s a great patio in the backyard, but the concrete is so worn that you can see rocks coming through the surface in some areas. Otherwise, it seems sound… with very few cracks. We love this area but want to make it look more uniform and less “weather-worn.” Is there anything we can do short of breaking it up and pouring a new patio? We know you often use products from Quikrete on your show, would anything like that help our situation?”

Around the Yard

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Prepping for a Heat-Wave

In this, Around the Yard segment, Julie Day-Jones talks about how you can prepare your garden for a summer heat-wave.

Around the yard is brought to you by Pavestone and Quikrete.

Checking in with Chelsea

New Bathroom & Vanity

Danny and Joe are joined by Chelsea Lipford-Wolf who hasn’t been sitting around during her maternity leave. She’s been busy with a new bathroom addition and stained and installed a vanity. Listen to hear more about her project and what’s going on in her website Checking in with Chelsea.

Simple Solutions

joe truini

Easy Air Hose Storage

Air-powered pneumatic tools are becoming more and more popular with DIYers, but how do you neatly store away the long air hose and all the various accessories? Well, here’s one way.

Storing Leftover Paint

Here’s how to store half-filled cans of paint, so the paint stays fresh until the next time you use it.

Best New Products

Multi-Surface Ant Bait

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