Installing Composite Decking on the Kuppersmith Project House Porch

For the floor on the back porch of the Kuppersmith Project house, we installed low maintenance, Fiberon composite decking from their Horizon series, which comes with a 20-year warranty against staining or fading.

Since it’s manufactured using 74% recycled material, Fiberon composite decking is an eco-friendly choice as well.

To keep from marring the rich, beautiful ipê finish of the composite decking, we used hidden deck fasteners with stainless steel screws.

Once the decking had been installed, a chalk line was popped, and the end of the decking cut to length using a circular saw. Edge dressing was applied to the cut ends of the decking to match the finish.

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  1. Hi,
    I spent 20 years as an export lumber grader grading all types of solid wood types and sizes, I aquired meningitis a couple years ago and now live in a wheelchair so I have a house that was “improved” for all of the problems I could run into, flooring being one of the most important as far as the occupational therapist was concerned, “composite” was used and it truly is 100% crap, It is 98% sawdust and 2% faux photo-finish, it breaks so easily that I would never suggest it to anyone, One of my rooms that was not re-floored was a utility room that I put a true laminate floor in. I’m not really what you would call a “fan” of laminate but it sure is a superior product between the 2 , the composite looks cloudy after you clean it while the laminate cleans up quite well, as you can tell, I wouldn’t suggest “beaver board” to my friends.


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