Below are 43 red house color schemes we carefully handpicked to fit every design and construction project.

1. Autumn Red with White Trim

For a classic red house color combination, Autumn red with white as accent color is a great choice. Autumn Red as a backdrop—which resembles the classic red barns—makes a great exterior color for traditional- and conventional-leaning structures. Its deep tone is warm and easy on the eyes and, at the same time, makes the house visibly seen and standout.

But such a color scheme is not only great for traditional-leaning houses. By adding accent colors like deep blue, it goes well with modern structures as well. 

2. Bright Red Roofing with White Backdrop

Everybody knows that white is the most versatile hue in the color wheel. And for that very reason, it can be combined with almost all colors we have today—including a bright, orange-y red. 

In the photo, you can see that white is used as the backdrop, while the roof is painted with bright red. And because white’s bright and cool tone sharpens all shades of red, you may notice that the contrasting tone of both colors make each other standout. As a result, it makes the whole house look striking but not in a flamboyant manner. 

To add a little dimension, you can use muted duck-egg blue with green undertone as accent color. In the photo, it was used for windows’ trims as well as the door. 

3. Red Exterior with White Roofing

If in the picture above the roof was painted red, this one it’s the backdrop while the roof is coated with white. Red’s warm tone may look too vibrant. So, to soften it, using white as the accent color will help.  Such a combination is great for all types of architectures. Although it is best fit with barn-like and traditional-looking houses, like in the photo above. 

4. Masculine Red with White and Yellow Accent


A deep, vibrant red as backdrop will make a great exterior color if you prefer something masculine. Its strong color gives out solemnity and makes the house look striking and professional. Its warm hue is best to pair with colors with cool undertones such as yellow and white. In the example photo, white was used as the accent color while the door is painted with yellow. Using cool tones adds contrast and also helps to soften deep red’s strong color. 

5. Deep Red and Black

Combining two strong colors such as barn red and black makes a great color combination as well. Black, just like white, is very versatile and can be mixed with almost all hues in the color wheel. It makes a great color to partner with deep, brick-red too. The combination exudes a dramatic and moody style as well. 

6. Beige with Red Trims

A mixture of two brown hues with green undertones together with brick red is a great option for folks who like deep yet pale hues. The color scheme is great if you prefer something clean and minimalistic yet not boring. 

7. Red Orange Exterior with Black Roofing

Not a fan of red? Why not try a red with orange undertone instead? Just like the standard red hue, the color works great with black and white, just like in the photo above. The color scheme works nicely with structures that have contemporary and traditional elements too.

8. Muted Red with Gray Roofing

Not a fan of red’s vibrant tone? Then why not try a muted red.

Pale, muted red goes well with linen gray tones. Essentially, linen softens the strong, vibrant hue of red which almost makes a neutral color. In the photo above, pale red was used as the backdrop while the roof was coated in linen gray. To further tone down red, white was added as accent color and was used mostly on the window trims.

 It is a great color scheme for houses with modern elements. 

9. Cool Red with Gray Roof

Do you know that gray complements all shades of red well?

As shown in the sample above, it used a bright red backdrop color while the roof is coated with gray shingles. Practically, the contrasting tone of the two made bright red’s cool tone to pop more. But such a color combination can be too striking and unpleasant in the eyes. To tone it down, you can use white as the accent color.

10. Dark Red with Black and White Accents

While dark red and brown are both warm and rich colors, it does not mean you can combine these two in one color palette. Dark red with brownish undertone, although slightly striking, evokes elegance. Add white accent to soften it a bit and black too to add dimension. 

11. Red Purple and Creamy Beige 

Combining two contrasting hues such as dark red with purple undertone and white beige is a great house exterior color idea too. As you can see in the photo, red purple comes off too strong and striking. But adding white beige as an accent color softens it down. Their contrasting colors also make each other pop more.

The color combination looks better in traditional-looking houses as well.

12. Muted Green with Red Accent


For a unique and modern look, try combining red with muted green. For the past few years, muted green has become a popular color be it for house exterior or interior. Its pale shade with gray undertone is perfect for an elegant yet natural and minimalist look.

Its soft tone complements well with red too. You can use muted green as the backdrop and the red as accent, or vice versa.

13. Brown Red

If you want a playful color combination, combining gray, brow with red undertone, and brown fieldstones would make a great house exterior. You can never go wrong with combining red with gray as the latter naturally complement’s red dominant tone. Fieldstones natura light brown color and design adds flavor to the color scheme as well.

14. Purple Red with White Accent

Red with purple undertone’s rich and warm color does not match with beige only. It also goes well with classic white. As mentioned, purple-red’s dark and warm tone is inherently strong and striking.

So, to soften it a bit, adding light and bright hues such as white and beige is essential. To soften it further, you can install gray shingles for the roofing too.

15. White with Red Purple Accent

Contrary to the color combination above, in this example red purple was used as the accent color rather than the backdrop. And as you can see, the scheme works okay too. But this time it is the red-purple’s vibrant and warm tone that adds flavor to the white backdrop. 

16. Red and Black Scheme

Make your house standout strongly by combining two strong colors such as dark red and black. Black is flexible and blends well with any color, including all shades of red. In the sample above, deep red was used as the backdrop while black was used as the accent. The color schemes are both great for structures with traditional- and contemporary-leaning elements. 

17. Red and White Scheme

One of the classic colors used for vinyl siding, linen white is a perfect background color if you prefer something subtle yet classy. Its slightly warmer white tone is a great option too if you want to create an approachable and cozy vibe for your house. 

18. Bright Red with Teal Accent

A red and teal combination works great as well. It is a fun and playful color scheme despite the fact that both colors are seen as strong and dominant. However, with the right shade of red and teal, you can make these two colors work. You can add white as an accent too to tone down both colors, just like in the picture above.

19. Muted Red with Yellow and White Accent

Combining muted red with white and yellow is another fun and playful color scheme idea you should try. The colors complement each other in a contrasting way. Yellow and white accents, for instance, soften red’s warm and rich tone. Meanwhile, red sharpens the color yellow and makes it come alive. 

20. Beige and Red Bricks

While paint is the best way to add color to structures such as houses, you can also make your house exterior red naturally using bricks. Bricks are typically bright or dark red and are a great alternative. Because aside from its natural color, it also adds important elements such as texture and style. 

Tone the brick’s natural color down by combining light, soft colors like beige and white.

21. Red Bricks Exterior with Gray Roofing

Another great color to combine with bricks’ natural red color is gray. Soften the brick’s natural color down by combining it with light, soft colors like beige and white as accent colors.

22. Gray and Red with Timber Accent

Oddly enough, do you know that all shades of red complements the natural color of timber well? Yes, you read that right. And that is not only applicable for house exteriors, but also for interiors. Balance the combination out by combining it with black and gray, which also add a modern touch. 

23. Two-tone Gray with Red Accent

Although red is a strong color, you can also create a minimalistic and sleek color scheme with it by using it as an accent color rather than the backdrop. In the photo above, you can see that the majority of the house is painted in three different shades of gray. Gray, as mentioned earlier, is a great color to combine with red. It softens its warm and vivid tone as well. 

24. Brown In Red Undertone with Green Accent

A color palette conceptualized by Benjamin Moore, muted brown in red undertone works great with dark red. The palette includes three different colors developed by Benjamin Moore as well which are Tea (for the trim), New England Brown (Siding), and Narrangansett Green (Door).  

25. Tan and Rustic Red Accent

For a playful and bright color scheme involving shades of red, a color combination of gray, tan, and red developed by Benjamin Moore is a must-try. The color scheme is unique although it is overwhelming for the eyes. It is comprised of four colors: Cornucopia Tan (Siding), Rustique (Accent), Mars Red (Trim), and Midsummer Night (Door). 

26. Sundried Tomato with Gray Accents

Benjamin Moore’s Sundried Tomato as well as Anchor and Hale Navy color combination is a great house exterior color if you want a different shade of red and gray. The gray comes with a blue undertone while the red has a brown undertone. A perfect color scheme for modern houses. 

27. Brown-red with Dark Green Accent

Brown in red undertone goes well with dark, pale muted green too. Although both colors are rich and warm on the eyes, it is not too overwhelming. Perfect for houses with traditional-leaning elements, particularly those in the countryside. 

28. Rosy Apple with Black and Green Accents

Try another black and red combination by Benjamin Moore. It is a refreshing combination that looks great for both modern and traditional houses. Using its company developed color palette, the scheme involves Rosy Apple (Siding), Black Tar (Door and Shutters), Turtle Green (Trims). 

29. Yellow with Red and White Accents

If you prefer a solid, bright, and inviting color, paint your house exterior with a bright, cheery yellow. It complements perfectly with colors that have gray or white tones which inherently enhances the color of yellow. It is a great color to soften down red’s vibrant hue.

30. Marigold Vinyl with Red Trims

Vinyl sidings in marigold are great for people who are into bright yet warm types of shades. Its soft and subtle, yellowish hue is ideal for when you prefer your house to be noticeable but not too strong and striking. It can be paired with either cool or warm colors like red as an accent as well

31. Fieldstones with Dark Red Accent

Not into a plain brown color for your house exterior? Why not take advantage of the natural color of fieldstones? Aside from its warm brown hue, the design alone would undoubtedly make your house look elegant. Combine it with deep red for the window and trim to sharpen it. 

32. Black and Red Combination

Combining two strong colors such as barn red and black makes a great color scheme. Black, just like white, is very flexible and can be mixed with almost all hues in the color wheel. It makes a great color to partner with deep, brick-red too. The combination exudes a dramatic and moody style as well. 

33. Yellow and Red Color Scheme 

Yellow and red combinations may not be typical. Yet, the two contrasting colors work well when combined. It is because yellow’s bright tone softens red’s vibrant and warm. At the same time, red sharpens yellow mellow tone. 

34. Concrete Gray with Red and White Accent 

For a natural gray look, leave your finished wall unpainted. Simply add flavor into it by adding red and white and accent. Such a color combination is best for modern houses.  

35. Pale Green Exterior with Red Accent

Pale green with blue undertone is a great color paint if your house is near a lake or sea. As shown in the picture, red and white were used as an accent. You can use light and neural shades as accents to tone it down too.

36. Gray with Red Accent 

For another natural gray look, leave your finished wall unpainted. Simply add flavor into it by adding red and white and accent. Such a color combination is best for modern houses.  

Do you know that all shades of gray go well with red’s strong color? You read that right. Gray, given its soft, muted version of black, allows red’s vibrant and warm tone. It is especially true if gray is used as the backdrop and red is the accent color, just like the house depicted in the picture above. 

To add texture and element, you can use gray fieldstone as well. 

40. Beige and Light Brown with Red Accent

Beige and brown’s simple yet elegant color combination is perhaps the most popular house exterior color. Although it is unavoidable to find the scheme a little boring sometimes. That said, to make the combination look fun and interesting, you can add brick red as accent color.

41. Red Brick Exterior with Black Accent

For people who are into autumn—particularly the color of fallen leaves—red orange is a nice color to paint for your house’s exterior. Its bright shade will surely make your house stand out. Sharpen it by adding black as an accent. 

42. Dark Blue with Red Accent

Rather than the backdrop, you can use muted red as accent color as well. In the photo above, the whole house was painted with dark blue and has muted red as the accent color. 

43. Red, Green, and White Scheme

For a unique color combination, try to pair red with green. Odd enough, green of any shade goes well with red too. In the photo, you can see that dark green was used as an accent together with white. White goes well for both colors (red and green) as it tones down their strong, vibrant hues. 

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