How to Choose a Tub and Toilet for Your Bathroom

A new soaking tub or updated toilet that saves water can really improve the functionality of your bathroom.

When selecting a tub for your bathroom, consider:

  • Size: 60” long is the standard size for most bathrooms but if you have more space you may want to upgrade to a 66” or longer model.
  • Features: Tubs can be equipped with everything from air jets for hydrotherapy to lights that provide chromatherapy.

When selecting a toilet for your bathroom, consider:

  • Appearance: The look of your toilet should match that of your bathroom.
  • Style: Toilets are available in either a traditional two-piece bowl and tank model or a more contemporary one-piece style.
  • Height: Many people find toilets with a taller 17” high bowl more comfortable to use than traditional 15” models.
  • Flushing Power: Toilets are required by law to use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush. Choose a model that is designed to maximize the flushing power.
  • Water Usage: Dual flush and water saving toilets are available that use as little as one gallon per flush, which can reduce your water bill and save water.

Watch this video to find out more.


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