Waterlogged Yard & Picking the Perfect Shower

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Overwhelming maintenance issues are a new homeowner’s worst nightmare. Two listeners reach out to Danny and Joe for advice on how they can tackle issues like a waterlogged yard, toilet troubles, and much more.

And, is your tub or shower at the end of its life? One listener needs hers replaced because of some dangerous mold issues. Our recommendations on some long lasting and great looking shower designs.

Plus, Joe has a simple solution that will give you some extra storage space in your garage or shed using a piece of a downspout.

Listener Questions

New Home Nightmare
Dan from Florida – “We just purchased our first home and paid the broker for inspection. After living in the home about 6 months things began falling apart. First, the toilet wouldn’t flush right and after removing the toilet we found no one removed the seal. We also began having faults with wall plugs breakers not working, we on a fixed income so we have to live with it. On the outside under the overhang of the house, the paneling is starting to rot from rain off the roof its been a nightmare. Any suggestions for me as a vet who’s disabled”

Boggy Backyard
Terry from Texas – “I have noticed that our back yard stays waterlogged. At first I thought we had a leak but apparently, that’s not the case. We were told that the property is supposed to be pitched so that water runs to the front and out to the curb. It does that but only to a certain degree. Any suggestions would be helpful.”

Picking the Right Shower
Maureen from North Carolina – “One of the showers inside my 15-year-old house has mold building up. We would like to replace it. do you have any suggestions on something that would last?”

Toilet Troubles
Dave from New Hampshire – “We have a fairly new toilet, about 2-years-old, and sometimes it does not flush properly, other times it is ok. Wondering why?”

Updating Textured Ceilings
Mary from Minnesota – ” How do we remove textured ceiling? It’s not the sprayed popcorn texture, it looks like swirls put on with a trowel. We removed a wall between the living room and kitchen so now have 2 different ceilings: one swirled and one smooth.”

Simple Solution

Kitchen Cabinet Riser
Finding cans, jars and small boxes of food inside kitchen cabinets is a whole lot easier if you make a simple tiered riser.

Best New Products

Husky Ceiling Mount Storage Rack
If there’s one place that almost everyone can use some help with more efficient storage, it’s the garage. For many of us, garages become the great dumping ground for all of those items that simply don’t fit anywhere else. So it’s important to use every square inch you can. That’s where the Husky Ceiling Mount Storage Rack comes in.

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