4 Tips for How to Store Your Christmas Decorations

Storing Christmas ornaments in a clear plastic box
Carefully planned storage for Christmas decorations will help you avoid holiday stress. (DepositPhotos)

Decluttering your home after the holidays doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Having a plan for Christmas decoration storage and organization will help prevent seasonal stress.

Here are some tips for efficiently storing your seasonal decor.

Wrapped real Christmas trees with trunks showing
Your real Christmas tree can be recycled into mulch. (DepositPhotos)

1. Recycle Your Christmas Tree

The end of the Christmas season doesn’t have to mean the end for your tree! There are all kinds of ways to use Christmas trees after the holidays.

Many cities and counties accept real trees, at a collection site or curbside, and reuse them. They may grind old Christmas trees into mulch for public parks and landscapes, place trees in wildlife reserves as habitat for birds and small animals, or drop them into lakes and ponds as habitat for fish.

No local recycling program? No problem! Plant the tree in your backyard as bird habitat and decorate it with strings of popcorn, cranberries and suet; cut up the branches and add them to your spring compost pile; mix pine needles with cinnamon sticks, dried fruit and flowers, nutmeg and whole cloves for homemade potpourri; or fuel bonfires with evergreens.

If you have an artificial tree, chances are, it’s made of steel and PVC plastic, so it’s not biodegradable or recyclable.

But don’t discard that plastic pine and send more junk to the landfills — instead, sell your fake tree, if it’s a high-end model, or simply donate it when you’re ready for a new tree.

For more ideas, read, ‘How to Recycle a Christmas Tree

Tangled up Christmas lights in a box
This is not the way to store Christmas lights. (DepositPhotos)

2. Label Your Christmas Lights

Decorating your Christmas tree with strings of lights can be stressful. You have to cover each row of branches evenly and measure carefully to ensure enough lights will reach the top — or bottom, depending on the direction you’re working toward.

Similar concerns of size and reach apply for exterior Christmas lights. And, throughout all of this, the strands of lights tend to tangle and become a mess!

You can ease some of these holiday headaches with a simple storage plan. Just notch a piece of cardboard on each end and carefully wrap your Christmas lights around it.

Then label the cardboard with the location where these lights were used (like, “Christmas Tree,” “Mantel Garland” or “Roof”).

Finally, place each set of Christmas lights in a clear plastic container labeled, “Christmas Lights.” That way, the next time Christmas rolls around, you’ll be able to quickly find your lights and, thanks to the cardboard labels, know where to hang each set.


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