How to Remove Paint Drips on Walls

How can I remove paint drips on my newly painted walls? -Jane

Hi Jane,

To remove drips of dried paints on walls, use a sharp chisel or razor blade to carefully slice the drip off the wall, then lightly sand the spot until it’s smooth with the surrounding surface. Finish by touching up the spot with matching wall paint. If the repair stands out too much, you may need to reroll the entire wall so it will blend in.

If you have walls with a lot of imperfections, painting them with a flat paint will hide the problem better than painting with glossier sheens, but flat paint won’t clean as easily as an eggshell or low luster wall paint.

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  1. Painting walls with eggshell enamel. I find small air bubbles in cluster on the wall when its drying, what causes that????
    Thanks, Joe B


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