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Christmas lights display on house lawn and roof

4 Things to Do Before Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights

Check this list to make sure it's safe to hang Christmas lights outside your home.

Superior Lawn Care Review

Superior Lawn Care USA has been offering lawn maintenance services to the Pittsburgh area for nearly 40 years. See how it stacks up against the competition.

…and The First Power Bill

Read my latest blog for a first time homeowner's tips for energy efficiency...PS you really can save money!

4 DIY Ideas for Creating a Patio on a Budget

The official start of summer is just around the corner. If your outdoor space isn't quite ready for entertaining, we have four ways you can punch up your patio on a budget.

5 Ways to Protect Koi Fish During Freezing Weather

Brett asks, “During this latest cold snap, my koi fish pond has threatened to freeze over. What should I do?”

Ice by itself is not dangerous to koi. The danger is the reduced oxygen and increased toxic gases from the sealed water surface. Read on for more.
Lint filter removed from clothes dryer

2 Tips to Keep Clothes Dryers Safe and Efficient

A buildup of lint in the dryer or its vent pipe could reduce the dryer's efficiency and be a fire hazard. Watch this video for safety tips.

5 Indoor Air Quality Tips for the Upcoming Spring Season

As winter gives way to spring, ensure your home's air quality will be maintained during seasonal showers and plant blooms.
Mowing leaves in the autumn

Fall Home Maintenance Made Easy

Home maintenance is a year-round job, so spread the work into smaller chore lists you can tackle at the start of each season. Here are your fall chores.
Grilling corn on the cob and barbecue outside

How to Keep Flies Away from Your Grill

Grillmasters, you don’t have to coexist with mosquitoes — here’s how to keep flies away from your grill.