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Chelsea Lipford Wolf and Danny Lipford

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  1. This is a show we love to watch. We truly enjoy the great tips and ideas with each episode.
    I’ve entered the contest, with hopes of getting much needed help with our back patio area. It’s a hot mess! If we’re not chosen, it’s okay because we already have some great ideas from a recent episode!
    Thanks for all you do and keep the episodes coming!

  2. Well, I don’t watch T.V. but I think it’s awesome you’re able to do this work with your daughter. Lucky guy.

    • Thanks for entering the contest, Arick, and for leaving some feedback.
      Always nice to hear from the fans! 🙂

  3. I enjoy watching your show because you focus on the average, middle income audience. And some cool ideas for reclaiming and remodeling. Wish I had someone like you in my area. I’m 64, under 5’ tall, and on my own. It’s hard to hire someone to do small jobs so I tackle what’s in front of me the best I can and on my fixed income.
    So, little by little I’m learning and getting better. It’s a slow process but I’m enjoying it.

    • The best compliment we receive is when a homeowner says we empowered them with information to get things done around their house.
      Thanks for your comment, Kris!

    • If you see this page, then you successfully entered our contest — thanks, Richard!
      We appreciate our Michigan fans. 🙂

  4. This is one home show that you don’t have to be a millionaire to accomplish remodels or projects!
    Thanks for all the tips and tricks as well…
    It must be such fun working with your daughter! The last one we saw w her garage makeover was great!
    We hope we win so that we can enjoy our back yard area before we get too darn old!

    • Hi, Simone,
      Thanks for entering this contest!
      We’re glad to hear you enjoyed the garage update and hope it inspired some projects of your own.
      Take care. 🙂

  5. I only get to listen to the radio show. My job in law enforcement hinders much tv watching. I really like the show. Im pretty sure i entered correctly. Keep up the great work!!!

  6. We DVR the show every Sunday morning and enjoy the show when we wake and have breakfast and throughly enjoy the show, the tips and tricks, a the shenanigans.

    We actually tackled installation of a fountain and laid our own walkway all the way around the house. A nice retirement project!

  7. My husband and I get up early to catch the show. Love the product recommendations, then it’s off to Lowe’s. We are on a really fixed income, so it’s a slow process, but we love learning.
    Thanks so much for this show!

  8. We watch the show every week we see it’s on – enjoy watching all the ideas & suggestions Danny comes up with of getting things fixed – some of his jokes are pretty goofy too! He’s a character that guy, isn’t he?? Thank you for the opportunity of possibly wining the sweepstakes!

    • Hi, Pam,
      Yes, Danny sure loves his practical jokes. 🙂
      Thanks for entering the Elevate Your Exterior Contest — take care!

  9. I do watch the show and I have learned a lot. I have tried some things I normally would not because of the knowledge I have gained. My adult son just moved in with me and he is partially handicapped from an accident in 2015. He can’t do much and I am not physically able to do all the things I would like by myself, which is why I entered the contest. Danny knows his stuff and i certainly could use some of his daughter’s ideas. Keep the shows coming.
    Good luck to all who enter.

  10. Today’s Homeowner & crew, I love your show when I can’t watch you live the dvr is always on. Danny you and Chelsea make me smile even on my worst days. Keep coming into our homes giving us tips and brightening our days.

    Thank you,
    South Bend Indiana Watcher

  11. Entered contest without photo. How can I remedy this? Will it be null and I can enter again with photo (needed help from grandchild to load photo)

  12. When I have the time, I don’t have the money. When I have the money, I don’t have the time. I’m a single father of 3 amazing young ladies and a full-time framing carpenter in North Idaho. Love the tips on the show. Most can be done by just about anyone. Thank you, and keep up the great work!

    • Hi, William,
      Thanks for watching the TV show, and for entering our Elevate Your Exterior Contest — take care!

  13. I watch your show it’s very informative. I like all the tips , ideas and suggestion you 2 have for all of us. I try to do some things on my own since my husband died , but not able to do physically all of them. Thank you for your show. I entered your contest .

  14. I netted but I couldn’t find where it tells the timeframe if the prize. I’m going to market my current home fur sale bc I’m building another hime with an in-law suite for my 81 yr old dad to live with me and my family. Hopefully if I do with u can use the prize at whichever gone I’m living in…
    Thanks for all that you do!!! Live your show!

  15. I have been Watching 10 Episodes that I’ve Recorded of Danny and Chelsea today!! Just Love & Appreciate All The Tips & Tricks I learn from Each Episode!! My husband and I are DIYers, Been Restoring Our 1905 Victorian Home since 1984 with Lots of Trial and Errors! Thank You for The TV Programs, Facebook Website, Chelsea and Her Many Tips, Danny is So Smart and Has Taught Us So Much!! The Home Depot Commercials Are A Bonus!! There are other DIY shows but “Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford” is MY FAVORITE-Thanks A Bunch & Everyone Have a Blessed Day!!

  16. The thing I LOVE about your shows is that it shows homeowners how they can save a lot of money, by empowering them to do DIY tricks, hints, and possible traps/problems to avoid or watch out for.

  17. Good Afternoon,
    I was wondering if I could trouble you to confirm whether my application was submitted. I was having issues getting video compressed and errors when submitting. When I deleted the three photos in attempt to upload again the home screen appeared and application was gone. Thank you for your time.

  18. Been watching for quite some time now.
    I’ve got recorder set for your episodes.
    Just signed up for contest like thousands of others who also enjoy the program. That in itself shows what a great following the program has.

  19. I watch your shows on tv and listen to you on radio.
    My am connected on Facebook. Thank you for all the good information and fun .

  20. My husband and I stumbled across this show during quarantine and feel in love with it. We were inspired by a couple who committed to one project a month and we have our months listed out through the end of the year! I work along side my husband on many side jobs (something I did as a child with my dad); I love the father / daughter team.

  21. I love Today’s Homeowner! The show and ‘cast of characaters’! are very down to earth and provide good, helpful information for everyday homeowners on a variety of projects. I look forward to every show, even if I’ve seen it before!! Keep up the good work!


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