Organize Your Workshop with this Paint Can Storage Solution

Paint can mounted on the wall for workshop storage.
Mount a paint can on the wall for additional workshop storage.

You can’t have enough storage space in your workshop or garage, so here’s an easy way to add more. Screw empty paint cans to the wall using several 1” drywall screws.

The cans make a perfect place to hang everything from extension cords to air compressor hoses. Use the inside of the cans for holding small tools or caulking tubes.

For even more storage, you can attach a five-gallon bucket to the wall. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Joe Truini: I love finding ways to increase storage around the workshop, and here I’m going to be using an empty paint can. This is a new paint can, but you can use an old paint can as long as it’s empty. And I’m going to mount it to this column.

Then you can just attach it with—I’m just using some one-inch drywall screws. You can drive—the bottom of the can is pretty thin—so you can drive it right through the can, you don’t have to drill any pilot holes or anything like that.

I’m going to put in two. Maybe I’ll put in one more, I think I might need a third one here.

And now you can use the outside of the can to hold anything like a vacuum hose, or an air hose from a compressor, extension cord—anything like that you can drape on the outside. The can itself is ideal for small hand tools. These are some air tools—toss them right in the can—pliers, screwdrivers, anything like that, there’s plenty of room.

And if you like this idea, you can not only use one, two, or three—you can stack them vertically—but you can also move up to a five-gallon bucket. Screw it to the wall and gain even more storage.


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