Installing Pegboard in a Workshop

A pegboard wall makes a great way to hang your tools in the shop for easy access. When we had finished building the workbench across the back wall of the shop, we covered the wall space above it with pegboard.

Installing Pegboard in a Workshop

After marking the location of the window and electrical outlets, we cut out the window opening with a circular saw and the electrical outlets using a rotary speed saw.

Cutting outlets.

Once all the cuts had been made, the pegboard was nailed in place with the smooth side facing out. It was easy to nail up the pegboard, since you can see the studs through the holes.

Nailing the pegboard in place.

Next, we installed a 1” x 12” shelf above the pegboard by attaching a 1” x 2” cleat along the wall and supporting it with 2” x 4” diagonal braces above the shelf to keep them out of the way.

Dust collection hose.

A 1½” hole was drilled in the workbench to accommodate a dust collection hose for a miter saw that was connected to the shop vac. As a final touch, we extended the window stool so it could support a fan to provide either a cool breeze or exhaust any fumes in the shop.


  1. I recently built a 10’x12′ storage shed. I kept the walls 8′ and put an 8 pitch on the roof. This allowed me to add a 10′ wide 3′ deep loft and in the center I built a double sided pegboard wall that is 6′ tall and 3′ deep. It is great for storage of 4′ levels and drywall squares and I use the backside for hammer and tool belts. The front side of the wall even doubled as ladder storage for the loft access.

    Just thought I would share this idea for anyone who has more room and could build and entire pegboard wall for twice as much space.

  2. What happened to the video about a simple way to hang a pegboard? It involved ripping a board at an angle and placing one half on the wall and the other half on the peg board. Then the peg board “hangs” on the half on the wall so that the board is removable is desired. I wanted to show this to my contractor to fix one for me but can’t find the video now. Thanks for your help. Rose Ann


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