Tip for Leveling Wood Patio Furniture

Here’s a tip from Larry, a viewer in California, to address two common problems with wood patio furniture: the tendency to rot from sitting on wet concrete, and to wobble from sitting on an uneven slab.

  1. Bore a 3/8-inch diameter hole into the bottom of each leg.
  2. Use a hammer to tap a T-nut into each hole.
  3. Thread a hex-head machine bolt into each T-nut.
  4. Adjust the bolts to level the furniture.

When I set the bench on the patio, the bolts lift the bench off the ground to prevent rot, and they are adjustable to ensure the bench is level.

Watch the video for details.


  1. nice leveling idea for patio furniture. what i would do to make that great idea even better is to add a hex nut to the T-nut, that way both nuts may be tightened against each other to keep the adjustment on the bolt

    Richard for Jamaica!

  2. …..great idea for concrete or tile patio surface……however……would not work so well on wooden or composite decks……the small hex head would put dimples into the surface…….


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