Woodworking is an important skill if you want to renovate your home or make even minor updates. If you plan a home project, such as updating your kitchen, building a deck, or installing shelves in a closet, you should know how to work and finish wood properly.

The Basics of Woodworking

If you want to completely transform your outdated wooden furniture, you need to know how to properly care for the wood, remove defects, apply stains professionally, and protect the furniture from future wear and tear.

Woodworking is a precise process, and skipping a step can result in inferior products. Our guides have helped thousands of homeowners use better techniques for their woodworking projects, such as:

  • How to use bar clamps
  • How to keep projects steady
  • How to build your own bench
  • How to protect your products from damage

A few tools are needed to get started, and you can easily expand your collection of woodworking tools. But as long as you have a drill and a circular saw in your tool arsenal, you can start with smaller woodworking projects.

Our woodworking resources have everything from tips on installing wood flooring to complete guides on spotting wood defects before you tackle a woodworking project. Check out our list of articles below.

Joe Truini with a sanding block as simple solution.

How to Smooth Ripped Boards’ Rough Edges with a DIY Sanding Block

Need to smooth a ripped board's edge? Make this easy do-it-yourself sanding block for perfect results! Watch Joe Truini’s Simple Solution.
Joe Truini demonstrating how to create a corner clamp simple solution.

How to Make a Corner Clamp for Woodworking Projects

Can you only clamp three of your woodworking project's corners? Make this easy corner clamp to secure the fourth one! Watch Joe Truini’s Simple Solution.
Varathane super glaze stain as best new product

Get a Glossy Finish with Varathane Stain

Varathane Super Glaze Stain will leave any interior surface looking beautiful in your home with just one coat. Learn more from Danny Lipford.
Varathane Super Glaze Stain Best New Product

Varathane Super Glaze Protects Just About Any Interior Surface

Varathane Super Glaze makes almost any interior surface look new. Learn more from Best New Products host Jodi Marks.
A 2x4 being slotted into a sawhorse to steady plywood.

How to Prevent Plywood from Sagging on Sawhorses

Have you ever noticed that, when you try to cut a sheet of plywood between two sawhorses, it sags in the middle? If so, here's a solution!

Hickory vs Maple: Which Is Better As Building Material?

Hickory and maple are two common building materials that are often used in the construction of homes. They both have their own benefits, which is why choosing hickory or maple wood can...
Joe measuring jig

DIY Center Finder for Woodworking Projects

There's a quick and easy way to find the center of a board for your woodworking projects. Watch how to make a center finder!

How to Cut Hardie Board in Two Different Ways

Projects that involve Hardie Boards often require different cuts; it is almost like a prerequisite. Such a board, however, is not easy to cut and requires strength as well as precision. And...

The Easy Way to Protect Woodworking Pieces from Damage

Working on wood projects? First, protect the pieces that could be scratched or scuffed up. Watch Joe Truini's Simple Solution for more information!