When to Stain Wood: Time Your Project Right

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Wood fence in need of staining
Exterior wood needs proper protection from the elements, especially rain, snow and sunlight. That’s why it’s important to stain your deck, siding, fence, playsets, patio furniture and any other wooden items that stay outside for long periods of time. And one of the keys to effective results is timing your project right.

Test New Wood First

New wood requires time to dry out and open pores before finishing or staining. To determine if it’s time, try what’s called the “splash test.” Pour a cup of water on a horizontal wood surface. If it is absorbed into the wood within 30 seconds, the wood is ready to be finished. If not, then wait 4-6 weeks and try again, repeating the process every 4-6 weeks until the water is absorbed.

Check the Weather Forecast

Once the wood is ready to be stained, check the weather report before you start. Apply products when the temperature is between 50° and 90°F. Do not apply wood care products in hot sunlight, or if cold or wet weather is expected within 48 hours.

Following these guidelines will help ensure that the wood finish can properly penetrate and adhere to the wood to provide the best possible protection.

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