Now You Can Prep and Stain Wood in Just One Day

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In the past, and with most wood finishes still available today, the process of preparing wood for stain and the actual act of staining had to take place on separate days because the wood had to dry completely in between. Not anymore.

Can of Flood OneCoat Waterproofing FinishRevolutionary new Flood® OneCoat Waterproofing Finish can be applied just hours after prep, while the wood is still damp. Suddenly, you can conquer your entire staining project before the sun sets. It’s just one of the ways Flood Wood Care products make it easy to protect and beautify your investments.

Flood OneCoat is a great choice for decks and countless other wood care projects. Consider refreshing your fence, kids’ playset, siding, patio furniture or any other exterior wood. After all, it only takes one day, and it will help ensure you can enjoy your outdoor space for years to come.

For ideas and inspiration, visit the Flood image gallery or browse your color options.

Flood OneCoat is available exclusively at The Home Depot. Find a retailer near you.


  1. Hi, I made my own picket fence section. Just one section for a landscape design in my yard. I made it out of wood I had, basic untreated lumber. I want it to be white, how best should I do this? I want to be economical, but also want to do this right. My thought is just to get some good white outdoor paint and go at it. Any help would be appreciated. thanks


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