Wood windows can become stuck over time due to a build up of paint or caulking between the window sash and frame.

To unstick wood windows without damaging them:

  • Carefully cut through the paint between the bottom window sash and frame, both inside and out, with a sharp utility knife.
  • Slide a stiff bladed putty knife between the bottom window sash and sill from the outside of the house and gently pry up, working from one side of the sash to the other.
  • Slip a flat pry bar between the sash and sill, and carefully pry the sash up.
  • Once the sash is free, work it up and down to loosen it.
  • Clean and lubricate the tracks in the frame to keep the window opening smoothly.

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The first step to unsticking a wood window is releasing the caulk or paint around the edges by cutting along them with a utility knife. This should be done both inside and outside. To start lifting the sash, slide a stiff bladed putty knife under the bottom and gently pry up, moving from one side to the other. When you’ve created enough space, switch to a flat pry bar and continue gently lifting until the sash is free. Now clean and lubricate the tracks so the window will move freely the next time.

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