These Motorized Shades Make Life Easy

Whether you’re looking for ways to enhance your smart home, or just want to make life easier, this may be the toy for you: motorized shades!

You know how regular window shades work. You have to get up, walk over to the shades and manually open or close them to let in sunlight or conceal windows for the night.

That may provide plenty of exercise, but it’s not very convenient. This Cellular Shade Motorization Kit from Home Decorators Collection converts manual shades to motorized shades with a few simple steps.

 shade kit from Home Decorators Collection
Home Decorators Collection makes it easy to retrofit old window shades with a remote-controlled motor.

All you have to do is take the headrail cap and slide it back, put the motor down inside the top headrail, and slide the receiver onto the end cap. Then, you’re ready to go!

An integrated 4-volt lithium-ion battery powers the motor. It controls the shades for up to a year before you need to recharge it with a wall adapter.

You can communicate with the motor module with Bluetooth technology using the smartphone app or the remote control.

Or, if you do want to get up and adjust your shades the old-fashioned way, go ahead and press the button on the electronic end cap.

The remote will control up to six motorized shades independently or simultaneously. The app will allow you to program the shades to automatically move to custom positions based on schedules you create.

Now, that’s what I call convenient!


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