Save Energy with Window Film

Applying window film to the existing windows in your home is a great way to reduce solar heat gain and block UV rays. It not only saves energy on air conditioning in the summer but can reduce fading of furniture and rugs. Window film is easy to install and available at home centers in both clear and tinted shades.


Have you ever considered how many uses there are for aluminum foil? It’s the perfect case for a baked potato, chewing gum or chocolate. It makes a pretty good substitute for gift wrap, and I even found a web site that shows you how to make a deflector beanie to combat mind control! Takes all kinds, doesn’t it? I even still see houses where people put aluminum foil up in the windows to reflect the heat.

Instead of aluminum foil, take a look at the new types of window film. Almost all brands of window film today will block 99% of the sun’s UV rays, which will means you don’t have to worry about fading of furniture or flooring. Plus, you can reflect the solar heat and still enjoy the view, and by reducing the heat gain, your air conditioning system will work less to keep your home comfortable.


  1. Instead of indoor film… Which always seems to get scratched or otherwise marred… Try some solar screening material – easy to make full window sized screens – plus, the light attenuation is equal to a tinted window.

  2. heat pump seems to cycle on/off a lot. does this indicate air leakage into home. home is 30 yrs old and has never been recalled fully. just a few spots here and there. I know I need to get this done. house feels drafty.


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