How to Replace Aluminum Windows with Vinyl Windows on Your Home

Old aluminum frame, single pane windows are not very attractive or energy efficient. Here’s how to remove aluminum frame windows and replace them with low-maintenance, energy efficient, vinyl covered windows with insulated glass:

  1. Have new vinyl frame windows custom sized to fit each existing window opening. For higher energy efficiency, choose windows that have argon or krypton gas between the panes, and a low-E coating on the glass.
  2. Use a utility knife to cut through the caulking and paint around the perimeter of the windows, both inside and outside the house, to make removal easier and minimize any damage to the trim.
  3. Remove any screws holding the windows to the flange.
  4. Tap the frame around the windows with a block of wood from the inside to push them out of the opening, being careful not to break the glass.
  5. Once the windows have been removed, use a hammer and chisel to remove the metal flange around the openings.
  6. Install new vinyl windows in each opening.
  7. Use a level, square, and shims to make sure the windows are plum, square, and level.
  8. Drive screws through the window casing into the framing around the opening to secure the new windows.
  9. Caulk the windows to seal any gaps, and apply trim between the window and opening.

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  1. Hi Danny,
    I was hoping to find, in this article, how to measure my old aluminum windows for vinyl replacement windows. I doubting my measurements because of the aluminum trim, etc. Should I measure sheetrock to sheetrock on sides for width and sheetrock to wood sash for length?

  2. Hi Danny,
    I bought some beautiful discontinued double pane windows at a really good price. When I got home, my husband told me they were for new construction. He knows that a plastic lip on a new construction window can be trimmed; but the lips on these windows are metal. Can these be trimmed or did I make a terrible mistake?

  3. my concern is older mobile home with metal on trailer so it would be different than replacing window on brick home disabled widow very limited income so cost is a factor i have repairman that has replaced floors for me when he’s free off of bigger jobs not free right now this weekend all 6 inches coming in on wood i hate the alumiun frame so i would like something better


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