How to Make a Window Perch for Your Cat

Cats often enjoy sitting in a window to take in their surroundings, but it can be difficult for a cat to perch comfortably on a narrow window stool. To solve this problem, I replaced the narrow window stool on a window with a wider shelf to provide a cozy place for a cat to relax.

Here’s how to go about making a window perch for your cat:

  • Remove the existing window stool with a pry bar, being careful not to damage the surrounding surfaces.
  • Cut a solid wood shelf board to the length of the old window stool.
  • Hold the self board up to the window, and mark the location of the window jambs on each end of the board.
  • Measure the distance needed to notch the shelf to allow it to fit against the window, and mark that distance on the shelf board.
  • Draw lines on the shelf board with a square to outline the notch.
  • Use a jigsaw to cut notches on each end of the shelf board so it fits around the window jambs.
  • Slide the shelf board in place on the windowsill.
  • Secure the shelf board to the windowsill with finishing nails.
  • Set the nailheads slightly below the surface.
  • Putty over the nail holes and apply caulking to the joints.
  • Prime and paint the shelf if needed.
  • If desired, put a soft material with a nonslip bottom, such as carpet or a bath mat, on the shelf board to make your cat as comfortable as possible.

Watch this video to find out more.


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