How to Apply Adhesive-Free Window Film to Glass Doors

window film

Applying window film to glass doors and windows reduces glare and blocks harmful UV rays that can damage fabrics and furniture. Window film comes in a number of patterns and shades including frosted, etched, and stained glass.

To apply window film to glass doors or windows:

  • Cut window film to the size needed.
  • Mix up a solution of soap and water in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the mixture on the door or window glass.
  • Apply the window film to the glass.
  • Use a credit card to remove air bubbles, working from the middle out to the edges of the glass.

Watch this video to find out more.

NOTE: Window film may cause problems on insulated glass and could void the warranty on windows or doors.

Further Information


Danny Lipford: Dianne Jones has done a wonderful job decorating her home but she has one challenge she hasn’t figured out yet.

Allen Lyle: So, this is the room in question. Very beautiful.

Dianne Jones: Thank you.

Allen Lyle: But what’s wrong with it?

Dianne Jones: Well, in the mornings, especially when we’re reading the paper on the sofa, there’s a glare that comes in, a reflection. So, we have to close the drapes, which I like open all the time.

Allen Lyle: Sure.

Dianne Jones: And then a little bit of a privacy issue from the outside into the den.

Allen Lyle: All right, so we want to keep it open. We don’t want to block it off.

Dianne Jones: Right.

Allen Lyle: Just want to obscure it.

Dianne Jones: Yes.

Allen Lyle: What if I told you we could take that nice, glass door and make it look like etched glass?

Dianne Jones: Oh, that sounds perfect.

Allen Lyle: That’ll work?

Dianne Jones: Yes!

Allen Lyle: Okay, let’s do that.

Dianne Jones: Perfect.

Danny Lipford: Allen’s solution is a window film designed to look like etched glass. You mix up a mild soap and water solution, spray it on the glass, and then carefully apply the precut film. Then, using a credit card, you slowly force out all of the air bubbles out to the edges. This etched glass pattern will eliminate the glare and give Dianne the privacy she wants, without having to block the daylight with curtains.


  1. I purchased a roll of protective film to install on some windows in case of breakage, but some of the windows s are tinted and insulated. Is this safe to do and will it hold the glass together if broken? What side of the windows should the film be installed ? Inside or outside. THANKS !!

  2. I had film installed several years ago, now I have a dog that scratches the patio door when he wants to go out. So there are a lot of scratches. How can I remove the film?
    Thank you. Janet shusky

    • Hi, Janet! It’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, so first, we’d recommend calling them, if possible.
      Alternatively, applying Goo Gone and following it up with scouring pads and steel wool can help.
      But you need to test the steel wool first to ensure it won’t scratch the glass. Ditto for a glass scraper if you use one for this project.
      Good luck!


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