Gila Window Film

Windows are a great way to let light into a room, but they can also bring in unwanted heat and harmful UV rays from the sun. Gila Window Film is DIY friendly product that blocks UV rays and reduces solar heat gain. It comes in several tints and is available at The Home Depot stores.


  1. Does this (Gila or Titamium) or another similar product for windows prevent heat loss? I have old metal sliding doors that make my office very cold. I live in Spokane, WA. I cannot afford to replace the doors.
    I want a simple solution. I don’t care if the ‘view’ is obscured.


  2. Why can’t Gila heat reducing window films be used on windows more than 40 years old? What might happen if I used it on them anyway? Do you know of another heat reducing film that would work on old windows?

  3. Fair warning though, “Gila” film isn’t known for being a good choice in window films. You’d be lucky to see a few years out of the material. It’s about the same as using cans of spray paint to paint your car. It’s paint… but not exactly what you’re supposed to use. Window film isn’t a very DIY product neither.

  4. I’ve been looking into static clean films. You can remove them for winter & let the sun in plus easier to change out when you want a different design. There’s TONS of designs, too.


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