Frosted Window Film: Why You Need It and How to Install

Frosted window film provides the privacy you need and the natural light you want. 

It mimics the look of specialty glass without the added cost and is a perfect solution for spaces where blinds aren’t ideal, like in garage and bathroom windows. 

Most of the time, blinds in garage windows are rarely opened. Because of this, they create a perfect environment for dust to collect, and even worse, for spiders to nest.

In a bathroom, moist air can morphe blinds, plus you don’t want to forget to close them when you hop into the shower.

Applying this is easy — here’s how to do it:

First, thoroughly clean the window. 

Scissors on top of window film next to a tape measure

Next, measure the windows and cut the frosted window film slightly larger than the window’s dimensions. 

Spraying window film application onto window film

Remove the liner and spray the surface of the film and the window itself with the application solution

Chelsea Lipford Wolfe hangs frosted window film on a window

Now, place the film on the window. 

The window film solution allows it to be adjusted to fit in the center of the pane. When the position is right, use a small squeegee or a credit card to force out the application solution and any small air bubbles. 

Tip: Work from the center outward in all four directions. This will push the air bubbles out faster.

Cutting a straight line on a window with a box cutter and a plastic card

Finally, use a razor knife to trim the overhanging edges flush with the edges of the window.

Now, not only do you have privacy and natural light, but you also have. protection from harmful UV rays that can fade interior surfaces.

NOTE: Frosted window film may cause problems on insulated glass and could void the warranty on windows or doors.

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