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March 14, 2024

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    Champion installers follow a 6-step process to ensure proper installation.

    Best Customer Service
    Price Range:
    BBB Rating:
    Not Rated
    25 states
    Limited Lifetime
    65 years of experience
    Online chat feature for quick communication
    In-home consultations available as soon as the next day
    Not BBB-accredited
    Not available in all states

    You can purchase the following window styles from Champion:

    • Awning
    • Double-hung
    • Basement hopper
    • Sliding
    • Casement
    • Bay/bow
    • Picture
    • Glass block
    • Garden
    • Specialty shapes

    Champion Windows is a home improvement company with over six decades of industry experience. It offers replacement services for windows, doors, vinyl siding, and sunrooms to help customers boost curb appeal, enhance durability, and improve energy efficiency. It also ranks among the top of our highest-rated window brands.

    Champion custom manufactures each order to meet craftsmanship standards and the homeowner’s individualized design needs. It offers a solid list of window styles with varying customization levels to ensure customers find exactly what they need.

    Champion’s six-step installation process carries buyers from their consultations through installation, making it an excellent option for those hoping to avoid DIY window projects. When you buy Champion Windows, you’ll enjoy expert support while you design and customize your new windows.

    Champion might not be the best choice for buyers seeking frequent post-installation support. In fact, the company has received numerous complaints about its follow-up reliability, so you should factor this in before committing to the company.

    Champion Windows Reviews

    Champion has a 3.9 out of five-star customer rating with the BBB and Trustpilot as of February 2023. The company responds directly to 60% of negative Trustpilot reviews, often in under a week. It offers unsatisfied customers a company contact to reach for further support.

    Many five-star reviews note Champion’s excellent customer service for consultation and installation support. Buyers express satisfaction with Champion’s installation crews and salespeople throughout the window replacement process.

    While many customers rave about Champion’s customer service, others aren’t so pleased. The company’s BBB profile currently contains an alert stating that Champion customers report slow response times, unreturned calls, and lengthy project timelines.

    If you’re interested in gaining further insights into Champion Windows compared to other window alternatives, you can also explore our review of Champion Windows vs. Pella.

    Our Take on Champion Windows

    After conducting an in-depth review of Champion Windows, we think it’s an excellent option for homeowners seeking a wide range of window styles with high-quality frames. Based on our assessment of customer reviews, it’s also a top choice for homes needing full-service window replacements with a tried-and-true installation process and ranks on our list of top vinyl windows.

    The chart below shows how Champion stacks up to our rigorous review standards.

    Pros and Cons of Champion Windows

    Take a look at some of the overarching pros and cons of Champion Windows. We encourage you to keep these factors in mind as you read the rest of the review. Understanding both the benefits and drawbacks of a company can help you make the smartest buying decision for your home.

    65 years of experience
    Frequent discounts and promotions
    Offers virtual appointments
    Online form to submit repair requests
    Online chat feature for quick communication
    In-home consultations available as soon as the next day
    Not BBB-accredited
    Only offers vinyl frames
    Not available in all states
    Complaints about customer service

    Types of Champion Windows

    Champion offers a competitive selection of replacement window styles to fit various home designs and functional purposes. During your free in-home or virtual consultation with a Champion representative, you’ll learn about each type’s benefits, drawbacks, and price ranges. The company custom builds and delivers your product from its U.S. manufacturing facility, no matter which style you choose.

    Champion offers the following types of windows:

    • Awning windows open upward via a hand crank. They form an awning when open, making them ideal for homes in rainy climates.
    • Basement hopper windows are structurally like awning windows, except they open inward from bottom hinges. They improve ventilation in enclosed spaces, such as basements.
    • Double-hung windows feature two movable sashes that pivot inward for easy cleaning and maintenance. These windows are excellent for small spaces or second-story rooms.
    • Casement windows open to the side via a hand crank, similar to a door on its hinges. Casement windows are easy to open and ideal for tight spaces above kitchen sinks or appliances.
    • Sliding windows function similarly to sliding glass doors. They glide horizontally and overlap when open, making them useful in rooms with limited space or areas where it’s difficult to open or close a window.
    • Bay/bow windows arch past the home’s exterior to form a nook perfect for dining, reading, or relaxing. Bay windows typically feature a picture window flanked by casement windows, while bow windows often have all casement windows.
    • Picture windows are large, stationary openings unobstructed by grids. These windows are perfect for rooms with lots of natural light or stunning views.
    • Garden windows protrude past the home’s wall to form a small greenhouse structure. These windows are excellent for home gardeners seeking a sunny nook for herb-growing and plant propagation.
    • Glass block windows consist of thick glass sections that allow natural light to pour into spaces while providing a layer of security. These windows are great for bathrooms and street-facing bedrooms that need extra privacy without sacrificing light.
    • Shaped windows are Champion’s specialty options in ellipse, half-round, round, and trapezoid designs. These windows are ideal for unique interior design needs and nontraditional spaces.

    We rate Champion Windows a 4.2 and a definite recommendation. Click “Get Estimates” below for an estimate for your home.

    Best Customer Service


    Limited Time:
    Buy 2 Windows, Get 2 Free!

    Window Collections & Customization Options

    Champion offers several exclusive customization options for its window products. These color, glass, and grid options allow you to personalize your new windows to achieve the look and functionality you need without sacrificing durability and ease of maintenance.

    ColorBond® Exterior Designer Colors

    Champion offers its patented ColorBond® Exterior Designer Colors for each window style. The finish consists of high-performing EPA-compliant pigment with heat-reflecting technology for optimal energy efficiency. Each of Champion’s seven ColorBond® colors is nontoxic and odorless, giving you vibrant hues without potential hazards to your home and family.

    ColorBond® exteriors are available in tan, white, adobe, bronze, colonial blue, pebble, and black finishes.

    TimberBond® Interior Wood Grain Finish

    Champion’s TimberBond® Interior Wood Grain Finish enhances windows with a custom hardwood coating. Each finish bonds with Champion’s vinyl windows permanently to produce a maintenance-free, energy-efficient frame. The coatings are extremely durable, heat-reflective, and fade-resistant to form stylish, long-lasting windows for your home.

    TimberBond® interiors are available in cherrywood, dark oak, and English oak finishes.

    Grid Patterns

    Champion offers several grid patterns to help customers design their ideal windows. Grids insert between the glass panes to simplify cleaning and maintenance.

    You can choose from the following options when customizing your Champion windows:

    • Colonial: Crisscrossing grids that form smaller square-shaped window sections.
    • Diamond: Diagonally placed grids that cross to form diamond-shaped sections.
    • No grid: A gridless design in which the glass is unobstructed by frames.
    • Open Prairie: Grids are close to the framing on one half of the window to produce a large piece of uninterrupted glass.
    • Prairie: Grids are close to the framing, producing a large piece of uninterrupted glass; functions as a second frame close to the window’s perimeter.

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    Privacy Glass Options

    You can select one of Champion’s privacy glass options when designing your custom windows. These glass products are ideal for bathrooms or patio areas needing additional security. Like glass block windows, privacy glass allows light flow without being completely see-through.

    Champion’s Rain glass features deep grooves that resemble water streaking down a window. The Obscure glass style distorts views across the panes for ultimate texture and added privacy.

    window glass with a streaking texture for added privacy provided by champion windows
    Credit: Canva

    Champion Windows Energy Efficiency

    Champion’s energy-efficient windows feature the company’s patented Comfort 365® Glass. This specialized glass has low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings and argon gas fills for enhanced insulation.

    Champion’s glass is Energy Star and American Architectural Manufacturers Association-certified, which are solid indicators of its performance and efficiency. Energy Star-rated windows have the potential to decrease your monthly energy bills and carbon footprint.

    You’ll also avoid the hassle of uncomfortable indoor temperatures affected by your outdoor climate. According to Champion’s website, Comfort 365® glazing blocks 94% of UV rays, keeping your home cool during hot summer weather and warm during frigid winter temps.

    Other energy-efficient features of Champion windows include:

    • Air-tight meeting rails to reduce air leaks and drafts.
    • Foam-enhanced framing for additional insulation.
    • Weather-proofing composite lock to keep moisture out with a watertight seal.
    • Triple weatherstripping to reinforce frame insulation and prevent moisture damage.
    • Insulated pocket sill to provide enhanced protection against drafts and break-ins.

    Wondering how much you can save with Champion’s energy-efficient windows? Check out the company’s Energy Savings Worksheet to calculate your potential return on investment.

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    Best Customer Service


    Limited Time:
    Buy 2 Windows, Get 2 Free!

    Champion Windows Installation Process

    Window installation processes vary from company to company. Champion takes pride in its full-service window replacement process, which includes the following steps:

    1. Greeting and Walkthrough: Your Champion installation technician will greet you and walk you through the installation process before starting.
    2. Area Preparation: The installer will prepare your home for window installation by laying drop cloths and other protective materials.
    3. Opening Cleaning and Prep: The technician will remove your old windows and inspect the area for pre-replacement repair needs.
    4. Frame Sealing and Insulation: After installing your new Champion windows, the technician will seal and insulate the framing to ensure maximum energy efficiency and weather protection. You can read windows and doors insulation guide.
    5. Cleanup and Disposal: The installer will clean up their project area, disposing of old windows and removing dust and debris.
    6. Verification and Q&A: Your technician will conduct a final inspection of their work, answering any questions or concerns you have about your brand-new windows.

    Watch this video for more insight into the Champion Windows installation process:

    Champion Windows Availability

    Champion has locations in 25 states with showrooms in various cities nationwide. Not all locations have showrooms, so you should research your local Champion store to ensure you can view products. Champion typically serves areas within 60-mile radiuses of its physical stores, which are located in:

    • Alabama
    • Colorado
    • Georgia
    • Iowa
    • Idaho
    • Indiana
    • Kansas
    • Kentucky
    • Massachusetts
    • Michigan
    • Minnesota
    • Missouri
    • Wisconsin
    • North Carolina
    • Nebraska
    • New Mexico
    • Ohio
    • Oklahoma
    • Oregon
    • South Carolina
    • Tennessee
    • Texas
    • Utah
    • Virginia
    • Washington

    Final Thoughts: Is Champion Windows Worth it?

    Our in-depth review of Champion Windows suggests that this is one of the best window companies on the market. With decades of experience and a solid product selection, Champion can provide the windows and expertise you need for a seamless home improvement experience.

    We strongly suggest exploring customer reviews before committing to any window company. We listed some verified reviews in this article, but you’ll find more information about a company’s reputation by diving into customer comments on Google, Yelp, Trustpilot, and the BBB.

    Schedule a free estimate with a Champion representative to learn more about your cost, financing, and product options.

    Best Customer Service


    Limited Time:
    Buy 2 Windows, Get 2 Free!

    FAQs about Champion Windows

    Where Are Champion Windows Made?

    Champion designs and manufactures all its windows at the company’s 260,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. Three hundred employees make, test, and ship Champion’s custom products at this location.

    Does Champion Offer Discounts?

    Champion offers solid window discounts. The company currently has a “Buy 2 Windows, Get 2 Free” deal that allows customers to get four windows at half price. The offer applies to all window styles in white, minus double-hung models. Champion offers customers access to its Yes! Program, which provides 10% off the quoted price at consultation appointments.

    Champion also has promotional pricing for its siding, door, and sunroom products, which you can explore on the company’s Promotions page

    Is Champion Windows a Reputable Company?

    Customers and industry professionals generally regard Champion as a reputable company with high-quality products. Champion isn’t BBB-accredited, which may be a drawback for customers seeking reliable customer service and industry recognition.

    However, Champion maintains high customer satisfaction ratings on the BBB website and Trustpilot, which points to mainly positive customer experiences. Another factor to consider is Champion’s long-standing industry presence of over 60 years, which suggests the company is doing something right.

    How Long Do Champion Windows Last?

    High-quality vinyl windows like Champion’s generally last between 20 and 40 years with routine maintenance. If your Champion windows break or fail during that life span, and you’re still the home’s owner, Champion’s Limited Lifetime Warranty will cover repair or replacement needs at no cost.

    What Are Champion Windows Made Of?

    Champion windows consist of high-quality vinyl framing. Champion advertises its windows as 100% free of wood or composite fillers for the strongest vinyl material, designed to resist cracks, rotting, warping, and fading.

    Methodology: How We Evaluated Champion Against Our Review Standards

    At Today’s Homeowner, we strive to bring you the most transparent, accurate information for your home improvement projects. Our window company ratings emphasize what matters most to you — a wide range of well-designed products with reliable installation and great curb appeal.

    Our ratings are based on publicly available information about each company, secret shopping online and over the phone, customer-review analysis, and discussions with renovation and building experts. A company can earn a maximum of 100 points across five categories, converted to a five-star scale. We researched dozens of windows installation and replacement companies to develop the following formula:

    • Product Offerings (40 points): Window installers can earn the maximum point value in this category if they offer a wide variety of window styles, frame materials, hardware designs, and glass and coating options. Companies earn more points if they design custom windows for your home. We also score the quality and energy efficiency of the windows each company installs.
    • Service Offerings (10 points): When evaluating this category, we consider factors such as consultations, post-installation cleanup, and additional product offerings. We also look at each company's installation team structure – including whether it uses certified window installers or subcontractors to complete work – as this can cause variances in quality.
    • Affordability (25 points): Our affordability rating considers the provider’s average window prices and how they align with industry averages, as well as discounts and payment plans.
    • Warranty and Support (10 points): A best-in-class window installer will back up its work with a solid warranty to give you added peace of mind. Companies receive the maximum point value in this category if they offer lifetime warranties for their products and workmanship.
    • Company Reputation (15 points): To ensure we’re recommending worthwhile installers, we check each company’s reputation and standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We also consider how many years of experience it has in the window industry.

    We monitor company data on an ongoing basis to keep rankings and information up to date.

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