Window Safety Tips for Homeowners with Children

Windows in children's room
Window screens serve one function: to keep pests out — not to keep children in.

Opening your windows and letting fresh air in makes a house feel great, but you can make your home safer for children by keeping furniture, including cribs and dressers, or anything else children can climb on, away from windows.

Window screens are designed to keep insects out, not keep children in. They can’t support the weight of a child.

If you have double-hung windows, open them from the top — not the bottom — to maximize airflow and minimize a child’s access.

Many window companies also offer ventilation locks that allow the window to be partially opened from the bottom for fresh air, while remaining securely locked to prevent accidents.

It’s also important that your windows are not painted or nailed shut. You have to be able to open them to escape in case of an emergency.


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