Fiberglass windows are not just aesthetically pleasing but also capable of reducing your electricity bills in the long run. With a growing demand for environmentally friendly construction materials, fiberglass windows are gaining continuous popularity.

More and more people are shifting from vinyl to fiberglass because of its advantages although fiberglass costs more than conventional materials. Before replacing your windows or installing new ones, let’s discuss the problems that many fiberglass window owners face. Is it really worth the investment?

    What is a Fiberglass Window?

    Fiberglass is made up of multiple resins that enable it to be formed into different shapes. It offers additional strength than traditional glass panels. Fiberglass windows are ten times stronger than vinyl windows and weigh less than aluminum and steel window screens.

    Many companies are switching to fiberglass windows because they are more durable and long-lasting. Moreover, for those who dislike cleaning, fiberglass windows will make their lives easier because they do not require the use of special chemical solutions to clean them.


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    Disadvantages of Using Fiberglass Windows

    Fiberglass has a better strength-to-weight ratio than other window materials, but it still has some shortcomings depending on your environment, the size of the window, and other factors.

    Installation and Maintenance Cost

    Fiberglass windows are more expensive than traditional glass panels because of the increasing demand and cost of raw materials. A fiberglass window measuring 4×5 inches costs around $350.

    Windows made with fiberglass are harder to find because there are only a few manufacturers and a handful of companies that deliver nationwide. So, before ordering online or purchasing in-store, make sure you’ve planned everything out and determine how many windows you will need, and list their appropriate dimensions.

    During the procurement process, the coating on the fiberglass is sometimes damaged or scratched. The paint on the window is usually damaged during installation and might require extra coating.

    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    To keep their original look, fiberglass windows require more maintenance than vinyl windows. It’s still prone to paint scratches after installation, and frequent cleaning is probably needed to keep the window from looking old.

    Water Leakage

    The fiberglass windows are mechanically connected to the window opening. Because these windows tend to leak on the edges, a good sealant must be applied to adequately seal the frames. 

    Many homeowners who live in moist and rainy environments have realized that their fiberglass windows have gaps that enable rainwater to enter inside their homes. This is because most fiberglass window manufacturers do not seal the seams between the vertical and horizontal components of the panel. The corners are connected with fasteners and epoxy because the material cannot be forged. 

    Furthermore, most fiberglass windows’ panel has no weep holes, causing water to accumulate on the frame. Even when a weep hole is provided, it frequently clogs and pushes the collected water into the frame, corroding the screws. Extensive water build-up will cause the water to flow to the window’s corner down the wall and might damage any electrical socket nearby.

    People are satisfied with Fiberglass after several months because fiberglass windows are energy efficient and look better than vinyl. However, it might take years for them to notice any water infiltration issue, and the damage isn’t usually recognized until the problem has gotten out of hand.

    One of the causes of water leakage is a fragile frame that can’t be soldered like vinyl windows. Fiberglass windows also have a larger percentage of service-related complaints than vinyl windows.

    Longer Procurement and Installation Time

    When purchasing a fiberglass window, expect a longer waiting time. This may not be the best material to use if you need to finish your construction project right away. Fiberglass windows are customized based on your preference, which requires more time because of the production process.

    On average, it will take three to seven days for your customized fiberglass windows to arrive after the order is placed. If you noticed that you need more fiberglass windows for the project, you need to wait for days before your resources arrived.

    Vinyl windows are more flexible than fiberglass windows and can be fitted much quicker and more effectively. Fiberglass is stiff and does not expand and contract as much as other materials, making it more difficult to fit into the window opening. It is better to ask professionals to install them for you because they are more fragile and harder to install than vinyl.

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    Color Change

    It is important to note that fiberglass is not as bright as conventional glass windows, but fading of the original color of the glass is a prominent issue on fiberglass windows. Homeowners are having a hard time keeping the outside panel from fading. Fiberglass is sensitive to ultraviolet (UV) light and will fade if exposed to Ultraviolet light rays for a long time.

    To maintain the window’s original appearance, a long-lasting external coating is required. If you live in a warm environment, consider installing fiberglass windows on walls that aren’t exposed to direct sunlight.

    Another downside of fiberglass windows is their color variations. They are typically tinted rather than gel-coated because they are designed to last longer. So if you want colored windows other than black or transparent to match your house design, search for other alternatives such as colored and reflective glass.

    Reaction to Climate Change

    In places with a long winter season and humid summers, many house owners install triple glass panels to make their fiberglass windows last longer. Damaged frames, warping, and peeling paint are common problems with fiberglass windows.

    Another issue to be aware of when buying fiberglass, particularly black fiberglass windows, is the high rate of heat exchange which can lead to glass cracking. This is due to the attributes of fiberglass and because black absorbs more light and heat than transparent windows.

    Fiberglass windows’ drawbacks aren’t really popular since they are relatively new compared to the conventional window materials available. Remember to invest in the type of window that is suitable for your environment and preference.

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