Which Way to Face Soffit Eave Vents?

What direction should the fins face on soffit vents – toward or away from the house? -Don

Hi Don,

Soffit vents are installed under the overhang in the eaves (known as the soffit) to allow cool, outside air in the attic to reduce the temperature. Since warm air rises, outside air is drawn in the soffit vents – and exits near the peak of the roof through ridge, gable, or roof vents – to provide natural air circulation through the attic.

It’s best to install soffit vents with the open part of the louver facing in toward the house to keep windblown debris out of the attic and prevent water from coming in when the eaves are cleaned with a garden hose or pressure washer. In addition, facing the vent fins in provides a more attractive exterior appearance for your house, since you can’t see into the attic from outside.

Because most attic ventilation is passive and low volume, you’re not hindering air movement by facing the fins toward the house. If your attic uses a power vent to help cool the attic, it will work fine with the fins facing in as well.

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