What Season Is It, Anyway?

Well, I set out here to share with you some timely, seasonal thoughts, but I sort of got stumped – what season is it, anyway? I started to tell you about the wonderful warm weekend we just had, where I was working outside in short sleeves and breathing in the balmy, fresh breeze.

Then I remembered that the sunny day gave way to claps of off-season thunder and lightning and torrential rains. Then I realized that as I’m writing, two days later, it’s snowing outside, and I’ve got on a thick fleece pullover and am wrapped in a quilt. Tomorrow – who knows? Sunbathing? Ice skating?

I try to be prepared for our wacky winters, but in weather like this, “dressing in layers” means starting with a bikini and ending up with a ski parka. Make a nice hot cup of tea, and within minutes you might be pouring it over ice.

I love living in a place that enjoys all four seasons, especially all within one week, it just leaves me a little confused. We’re hard-wired to live according to the rhythms of the earth, and right now my patch of earth is doing its own little version of the Lindy Hop.

I’ll take the warm weather any way I can get it, though, so I’ll just have to find myself some Gore-Tex dancing shoes!


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