Weekend Warriors!

My porch after replacing the lower sections of screening with beadboard.

This weekend I called my dad to see if he would come over and help me close in two openings in the lower half of my screened porch. Pulling out my circular saw, nail gun, Jawhorse, measuring tape and getting all my materials, I was excited to get to work!

Dad showed up with Mom in tow and away they went! I say THEY because once my dad got on a roll, I never touched the tools again! And my mom kept everything cleaned up as the project moved along so there was no mess!

Here’s a quick recap of “our” work:

The outside of the openings had already been trimmed with 3/4” stock to create a frame, so the first step was measuring the opening. The measurements were then transferred to the plywood beadboard we planned to use to cover the openings, and Dad used a circular saw to make the cuts.

              Measuring the opening.                       Cutting beadboard to size.

After putting the beadboard in the opening with the finished side facing out, we then attached 2x2s to the sides to hold the beadboard in place. Dad then nailed a second piece of beadboard to the 2x2s with the finished side facing in toward the porch.

                  2×2 frame added.                       Interior beadboard nailed in place.

Once both of the openings had been covered, I caulked, primed and painted the beadboard to finish the job.

We had such a great time doing this simple project together! I cherish working with my parents on home projects . . . these are special times I will always treasure.


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