How to Build Reusable Hurricane Panels

A major storm can cause serious damage to your home if you’re not prepared. In preparation for the next hurricane season, we’re creating reusable hurricane panels to protect the windows on a home.

Creating Reusable Hurricane Panels

The first step in creating reusable storm panels is to measure the windows they will cover.

Next, we lay out those dimensions on sheets of half-inch plywood and cut them to size.

We’re drilling quarter-inch mounting holes in the four corners of each panel and midway across the longest span.

Here, we’re painting the panels to reduce any warping that might happen while they’re in storage.

Once they’re dry, we put them in place temporarily so we can mark the location of the mounting holes on the window trim. At each of these marks, we drill a half-inch diameter hole. This is so we can install the flush-mount, threaded fastener anchors.

Then we paint the screws that thread into the anchors to match the color of the trim.

These screws will stay in the trim until the next major storm is set to pass and the storm panels are needed. Then, all you need to do is back the screws out and secure them to your home.

Watch this video to learn more. 

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  1. Found your video on How To Build Reusable Hurricane Panels very interesting n Informative. Was looking for a simple way of DIY project to build one. Thanks for the invaluable info.

    One question: looking for TREAT plywood because where I live there’s dry wood TERMITE problems every year. Please recommend the type of plywood to use in this DIY project.

    Thanks again n I watch your Sunday TV show: Today’s Homeowner.


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