Ice Dam Protection Using This Simple Tool

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Danny Lipford and Joe Truini
Daniel needs help preventing an ice dam from forming on his roof. Joe recommends a snow rake, listen to find out how this simple tool can be the complete protection you need from ice dams.  Also, Daniel needs to make sure insulation isn’t blocking any vents up through the attic.
Laura has been looking everywhere for an item we used on a recent television show that makes painting multiple layers of shelving a breeze. Chelsea talks about the “Stak Rack” and how it is definitely something worth checking out for a project like this.
Brightening Wood Varnish Linda wants advice that will help her lighten the orange varnish knotted pine paneling in the 60s home. A great solution would be to try a citrus stripper before staining the wood to brighten up the room.

Simple Solutions

Joe Truini displaying child's chair made from milk crate
Joe Truini displays a child’s chair made from an old milk crate.
Milk Crate Storage Seat

Here’s how to convert a plastic milk crate into a child’s seat with storage.

Next time you’re at the home center or hardware store, struggling to read the tiny print on a label, try this!

Best New Products

Jodi Marks and Dan display Werner's multi-position ladder A Lighter Multi-Position Ladder Multi-Position ladders have been around for a while and they’re popular because they’re so versatile. But they all had one drawback,  they were extremely heavy. So, Werner developed a new model with Powerlite Rails to make it as easy to move, as it is to use.

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