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For some, hurricanes are a lesson of resilience; for others, they are the crushing blow that can strike at a family’s bank account. One homeowner from North Carolina reached out to us after Hurricane Florence turned part of her house into a flooding nightmare.
Mother Nature can prove to be damaging to your home in other ways. A homeowner from lower Alabama learned the costly way the sun can destroy your home’s outdoor paint.
Plus: Keeping your living room up to date can start with remodeling your fireplace. This type of project can come with a few mysteries, especially as to what kind of material is on the other side of those bricks.

Fighting the Fluctuation
A New England listener is concerned with poor water pressure in his shower.

Out with the Old
Something that can easily show your home’s age is the fireplace. A listener wants to know the safe way to make changes to her old gas fireplace that will give her living room an updated look.

Flooding Fallout
Hurricane Florence turned a North Carolina woman’s crawl space into a flooded mess. Danny talks about ways to seal this part of the home, and opens up about the severity of hurricanes.

Air Quality
A Washington listener says, “Our home is on a hill and the crawl space is filled with soil from the earth. I believe the crawl space dust is making its way to the interior of our home and causing respiratory problems for my family. How can I find out?”

Paint Won’t Hold Up
There is almost nothing more frustrating than having to repaint each year because of the sun’s harsh rays. The question is do you paint or stain? What you can do if your next project is exposed to constant sunlight.

Buckling Floors in the Summer
The seasons can take a toll on your wood floor. Many homeowners can experience buckling floorboards during the summer.

Best New Product:

Video doorbells aren’t all that new anymore so they have to have some innovations to set themselves apart. The Nest Hello does, alerting you and allowing you to talk to visitors at your door from anywhere.

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