Hurricane-damaged home
Hurricanes won’t necessarily claim your home — take preventive measures to minimize damage. (©Leonard Zhukovsky –

Myth #7: A powerful hurricane will wipe out your house, so why prepare?

Yes, there’s always the possibility of losing it all in a major storm, but you should still take precautions to minimize damage.

Here are the facts: Boarding up windows, removing debris that can become airborne, and trimming dead or dying limbs from trees around your home can reduce a hurricane’s damage.

In fact, these simple actions could mean the difference between having a repairable house and ending up with a total loss.

Flooded home, seen from the street, with water up to the tops of the windows and doors
Most homeowners insurance policies don’t cover flooding. (©2mmedia –

Myth #6: Having homeowners insurance means you’re covered

Most people won’t be able to cover the costs of major hurricane damage out of pocket, so they pay monthly premiums for homeowners insurance.

However, this coverage has limits.

Here are the facts: You’ll probably have a high deductible before the policy covers any hurricane damage. And these policies usually don’t cover flooding.

Check your coverage well before hurricane season begins — then supplement it with additional flood insurance if you’re in a flood-prone area.

Need a resource? Consider supplemental coverage program from the federal government’s National Flood Insurance Program.

Modern bathroom with a bath tub and a toilet
Bathtubs and sinks are not sanitary sources for drinking water during a hurricane. (©Studio D –

Myth #5: You should fill bathtubs and sinks to use as drinking water

Many people’s hurricane preparation plans include filling bathtubs and sinks with water. Then they bottle the bathwater to use as drinking water before the storm hits.

This is definitely not a good idea.

While water stored in a bathtub can be used for washing clothes, bathing, or flushing toilets, it’s not considered sanitary enough for drinking. Use bottled water instead.

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