Riding out the Storm

I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day. Mine was spent, like many others along the Gulf Coast, watching the path of Hurricane Gustav on television. Fortunately for us around the Mobile, Alabama, area, we had a little rain and wind but basically not much to worry about. I hope everyone in the New Orleans and Texas area does okay and doesn’t experience any significant damage.

Storms like this are so strange how they take on a life of their own, with their own name and personality. You always have to take them serious, watch them closely, and hope they weaken before hitting land.

When I have this much rain, it makes me glad I cleaned all my gutters, downspouts, and drains a few days ago. I also recently addressed a few erosion areas in my yard. Everything seems to be working as it should.

We were very lucky on this one but there is a lot of time left in this year’s hurricane season. Now we have to start watching Hurricane Hannah. I hope it heads east and leaves us all alone.


  1. Hi, Danny I live in East Texas and I bought a old house nice house but it has alot of 70ish paneling I clean and sand and primed the paneling but I will be going back to California dont have time to paint my question is how long can I just leave the primer on before I put the topcoat on I will be gone a month.

    • Hi Jaydoll51,
      How long primer can be left before topcoating varies depending on the brand, so check the directions on the can. In general, you should paint over the primer as soon as possible once it’s dried, usually within a couple of weeks.


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