This Drywall Screw Gun Saves You Energy

Ryobi Power Tools’ brushless drywall screw gun makes projects go a lot faster and it requires less of your energy!

If you’ve ever hung drywall, you know it takes a lot of screws on just one sheet to hang it properly.

And that can get exhausting, so Ryobi has come out with this brushless drywall screw gun. It makes that project go a lot faster and it’s not as tiring.

When you are putting the screws in your drywall, you don’t want them to go all the way through the surface; you just want to dimple the surface where the screw head is. This tool allows you to set the depth so that you get it right every time you put that screw in the drywall.

Now, if you were to use a regular drill, every time you used the trigger, it’s going to wear you out because you have so many screws to put in.
Like most power tools it has a locking feature; but if I lock it down now, I’m going to burn my battery up.

So this tool has a QuietDrive feature. When I hit that button, the blue light’s on, and now I can hold the trigger down, lock it into place, and the motor won’t activate until I get the screw on the tip and I hit the hard surface of the drywall.

If you are doing a lot of drywall hanging, this is a good tool to have!

Watch the video above to learn more about this product, which is available at The Home Depot.


  1. Allowed me to rock a ceiling in no time. Great tool w/ interchangeable battery. Long run time. Quiet drive is great and speeds the install time. Nose cone could be a little tighter. Free tool as part of the hammer drill purchase tool add on. Can’t beat the deal. Highly recommend for drywall jobs.


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