Patching Large Holes in Drywall

While small holes in drywall can be repaired by filling the hole with spackling or joint compound, larger holes will require a patch made from scrap drywall.

To repair a large hole in drywall:

  1. Square up the sides of the hole using a drywall saw and/or utility knife.
  2. Cut a patch from drywall the same thickness as the wall to fit the hole.
  3. Cut two pieces of 1×2 lumber several inches longer than the hole.
  4. Insert the 1x2s into the wall, and secure them to the wall with drywall screws.
  5. Place the patch in the hole, and secure it to the 1x2s with drywall screws.
  6. Cover the seams between the patch and wall with joint compound.
  7. Apply drywall tape over the wet joint compound.
  8. Use a putty knife to smooth and press the drywall tape into the wet joint compound.
  9. After the joint compound has dried, apply additional coats of joint compound as needed to level the wall surface.
  10. Sand the drywall compound flush with the wall once it is dry.
  11. Prime the patch will wallboard primer, and repaint the wall.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information


Small holes in drywall can usually be filled with a little spackle or joint compound. But for bigger repairs, you need to cut out the hole to create clean edges, then cut an identically sized patch from a new piece of drywall.

Secure two lengths of one by two behind the hole with drywall screws, insert the patch, and then secure it to the one by twos. Coat the seams with joint compound and apply drywall tape over them, being sure to smooth out bubbles or wrinkles. When the joint compound dries, apply additional coats, sanding in between, until the wall is smooth and the repair is invisible.


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