How to Repair Damaged Drywall

Drywall can become damaged over time. It’s not that difficult to repair, if you know how to go about it.

To repair a hole in drywall:

  1. Cut a patch slightly larger than the hole from a scrap of drywall the same thickness as the wall.
  2. Place the patch over the hole, and trace around it with a pencil.
  3. Cut to the lines with a drywall saw, and remove the damaged wallboard.
  4. Position 1”x 4” cleats in the wall behind the hole, and attach them in place with drywall screws.
  5. Insert the drywall patch in the hole, and screw it to the cleats using drywall screws.
  6. Cover the patch with joint compound and imbed strips of drywall tape over the seams.
  7. Smooth out the joint compound with a 6” drywall knife and allow to dry.
  8. Apply two additional coats, with a 10” drywall knife, feathering the compound out evenly over the adjoining surface.
  9. Once the compound has dried, sand it smooth before priming and painting.


  1. I have recently started in the business of drywall repair and installation. Its interesting to me how many capable people will instead refer the job and pay a sizable amount of money instead of doing it themselves using great blogs like these. It seems to me that its due to time constraints or distrust in their own abilities to get the wall looking great again.
    Oh well it keeps people like me in business! 🙂


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