How to Hang a Wall-Mounted TV

Allen Lyle and Danny Lipford hang a wall-mounted TV.
Allen Lyle and Danny Lipford hang a wall-mounted TV.

Follow these tips to mount a TV to the wall:

  • Determine the proper location and height for good viewing. Consider the location’s proximity to an electrical outlet and the outlet for cable, satellite or internet signal, since you will want to extend these outlets into the wall directly behind the TV.
  • Most TV mounts have two main components. One part mounts to the back of the TV and the other attaches to the wall. Use this second piece to lay out the location of mounting holes on the wall making sure the bracket is level.
  • It’s best to attach this bracket to studs within the wall. Mark the studs’ locations using a stud finder and a piece of tape applied horizontally along the wall. If you cannot mount the bracket directly on studs, use hollow wall anchors that are rated for the weight of your TV.
  • Mark and cut holes for boxes adjacent to the bracket, so that they will be concealed behind the TV once it is in place.
  • Use a semi-rigid “fish tape” to run through the wall from the new holes to the existing boxes for power and TV signal. The “fish tape” will make it easier to pull the wires through the wall to connect the boxes and ultimately, the receptacles.
  • After the new outlet is wired, hang the TV on the mount.

Watch the video for detailed instructions.



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