How to Fill Cracks in Drywall

Filling cracks in corners of drywall can be hard to do with a putty knife.

An easier method for filling cracks in drywall is to use a pastry bag with an 1/8” diameter tip.

After filling the pastry bag with joint compound, squeeze out all the air.

Put the tip against the crack and squeeze the bag until the joint compound starts to come out. Move the tip slowly along the crack to fill it evenly with joint compound.

It is better to use joint compound than caulk for patching cracks in drywall, since it can be sanded smooth with the surface to make the cracks disappear.


  1. I just brought a 2 flat building and I notice some cracks in my linen closet and I wanted to know how to fix it before I paint

  2. I bought a house with no basement crawl space when we bought the house we did not notice cracks in the drywall going up from the door frames and in the corner we had some in the corner wall from the ceiling down they might have heard it and painted on her so when we looked at the house four times he had an expection done did not notice it until we moved in two three months later in the winter months when things start out the cracks all reappeared again our floors are slated in the old part at the house then in the new edition it seems to be all okay what do you think we put dirt around the whole house landscaping cloth and blue chip stones to keep the water away from the house

  3. Hi, Pamela,
    Thanks for writing to us. It looks like there are some AutoCorrect issues, so it’s a little hard to follow along.
    Please re-send the question. 🙂


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