How to Soundproof Walls in Your House

It’s amazing at how much noise pollution we’re bombarded with every day. From electronics to traffic and lawn mowers to airplanes, we just can’t escape all that unwanted noise. If building or remodeling is in your not too distant future, here are some things you can do to help reduce that clamor.

Insulated window units are a good step to eliminate a lot of the noise from reaching the inside of your home, but keep in mind not all the noise is coming from outside. You should also consider rooms that generate more noise than others, such as home offices, nurseries, and laundry rooms.

In these cases, a good solution is soundproofing the walls by installing an acoustical barrier, like insulation, between the studs. There’s also sound-deadening drywall available that will absorb most of the noise from one room before it ever reaches other areas of the house.


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