Hang up to 125lbs Worth of Art on a Wall Without a Stud

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High and Mighty Picture Hanger is great for hanging heavy objects without the need of a stud
Hang heavy pictures or artwork without a stud.

It never fails. When you’re hanging a lightweight print or photograph, there’s a stud right where you need to put the nail. But start to hang a heavy mirror or clock and the studs are nowhere near where you need them. This is scary. You don’t want that mirror to come crashing down on someone, so you wrestle with wall anchors and toggle bolts. But not anymore. The High and Mighty Picture Hanger hangs heavy duty items without the need for tools or any of that hardware. The solid steel hanger is designed to minimize wall damage while providing a solid mounting point for wall hangings of up to 125 pounds. Simply place it in position, push it into the drywall by hand and hang your wall decor without a hassle. The tool-free cleat works great with wire hangers so it’s the ideal solution for most heavier wall hangings.  For more information on the High and Mighty picture hanger log on to homedepot.com.


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