Winter Heating and Storage Tips for Your Home

Winter Heating Tips

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your heating system this winter:

Have your furnace inspected by a HVAC professional, such as those at Carrier.

Seal up the envelope of your home with caulk and weatherstripping to keep out drafts.

Install a quality furnace filter, and replace it regularly.

Add a whole house ventilation system to improve indoor air quality.

Consider replacing your heating system if it’s more than 12 years old.

Improving Storage Space

Installing a Versa Lift motorized lift in the ceiling of your garage makes it easy to access seldom used items, such as holiday decorations, that are stored in your attic.

The Versa Lift comes in a standard model, with a 15-cubic-foot and 200 pound lifting capacity; and a larger version, with a 35-cubic-foot and 250 pound load limit.

Other storage ideas include building shelves in your attic, and constructing a drop zone bench—complete with drawers, hooks, and shelves—in an alcove inside your garage door.

DIY Power Tools

When equipped with the six optional accessory tools, the Matrix drill/driver from Black+Decker can handle many of the home improvement projects around your house.

Another cool tool that makes a great gift is the Black+Decker AutoSense drill/driver, which uses a microprocessor to monitor torque and automatically stops screws flush to prevent stripping.

The 20-volt, lithium-ion battery on the AutoSense drill/driver provides plenty of power and can hold a charge up to 18 months.

Read Cold Weather Home Maintenance Tips and Projects to find out more.

Danny Lipford: Hi, I’m Danny Lipford, and here are some great winter heating tips from our friends at Carrier. Make sure you get your furnace serviced as soon as possible by a professional to make sure it’s operating safely and efficiently. And it’s not too late to seal up the envelope of your house—with caulking, weatherstripping—to ensure there’s no cold air infiltration.

Change your furnace filter on a regular basis. It’s so important for the indoor air quality you need for your family. And, also, you need to think about a whole house ventilation system that’s very reasonable and certainly eliminates a lot of those allergens and contaminants that’s floating around inside your home.

And if you’re heating system is over 12 years old, you need to think about replacing it because it’s nearing the end of its life expectancy.

Hey, indoor projects can still take place when the weather is cold, and one of the more popular ones is a drop zone area. My daughter, Chelsea, just helped these homeowners build an excellent looking drop zone area, and she’s anxious to show it off to you.

Chelsea Lipford: Yeah, I love the beadboard and the bench that we built here. Before it was just an empty alcove with a bar stool. But we put all of this together with the help of some tools from Black and Decker that the homeowner had on hand, including this neat system called the Matrix, where you can snap the drill head off and snap on any of the tool attachments that we have here, like a sander or a jigsaw.

We also have a full-sized jigsaw and a circular saw that you can use for any of your other projects. But my favorite was the AutoSense that detects when your screw is flush, so you’re not going to split any of your materials.

Danny Lipford: Boy, that’s some great ideas for gifts. And I’ll tell you something else, when the guests and family are coming over and you want to declutter a little bit, consider putting everything up in the attic. But taking those heavy cases up and down the ladder—not very safe.

Here’s a solution called the Versa Lift. We installed this recently, and you’re able just to load everything you have right on here, bring it down. Be sure you don’t let any of the kids or any family members get on this, but it’s a great way to utilize that space you have in the attic.


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