Why You Should Rake Leaves

You can clean them with a rake or a leaf blower, but one thing is certain: It’s time to remove fallen leaves.

Raking the yard makes it look good, and if too many leaves accumulate in the yard, mold could be an issue.

But you need the right tools for the job.

Watch the video above to see Danny’s tips on how to make quick work of raking fall leaves. They were featured on The Weather Channel’s “AMHQ.”


  1. I’m working on an old family house (around 100 yrs old) and saw very little insulation in the attic. It is some loose black material . I thought about having 2-3 inches sprayed on the ceiling and side walls, and then lay batt insulation between the joists. My biggest concern about just blowing in 14-16″ of insulation is when you have to get up there to work on electrical or whatever in the future. I also thought that I would lay batts down and then lay plywood over that and then blow in insulation. With the plywood a person could walk around up there to work on things and level out the blown in as you leave. I don’t have enough knowledge to just do maybe the cheapest and possibly the worst thing.
    Thanks for any information you can give me.
    Gary Throntveit

  2. Dear Today’s Homeowner Team, I thoroughly enjoyed the segment on hanging pictures. Great Idea! When I am bagging my leaves, I use a bungee cord tied around the 30 gallon trash can along with the bag enclosed. It helps in the sliding of the bag, and I also use the Worx bag and leaf blower, vacuum,really helps in the pick up of leaves. Great show.


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