Why You Should Choose a Generac Standby Generator

Generac home standby generators are the easiest and least expensive in the industry to install. Their prepackaged models come with everything needed, including a prewired automatic transfer switch and prewired conduit for the whole system.

Wires are color coded and clearly marked, so connections are fast and easy. The generator even comes with a pre-attached, composite mounting pad, making a concrete pad unnecessary, unless required by local code. Plus, there’s a DVD and step-by-step instructions to answer any questions.

Larger Generac models can be easily installed by a qualified electrical contractor, so there’s no need for a generator technician. Installation is fast, easy, and inexpensive. Generac generators also feature the Generac OHVI engine that was built exclusively for the high demands of power generation and are capable of providing 3 to 4 times longer life than competitive engines.


  1. i live close to rhe ocean. My neighbor replaced his rusted out generac generator (less than 7 years old) with a kohlr which has a rust proof cover! Its a couple years old and still looks new! what if anyrhing has generac done ti address this problem?

    Our plumber installs only Generac and wr would like to guve him the work, but we are concerned about Generac abilitu ro handle noreasters!!!

    • Hi, Mary,
      Danny says, “I’m not sure what Generac has done to address that particular situation, but they have an excellent customer service line that I would encourage you to call. The number is 1-888-436-3722.”
      Thanks for your question!

    • Hi, Bernadette! Installing the generator far from where it will be used (or far from that area’s living spaces) is one way to reduce the noise heard from a generator. Some generators have built-in insulation to help reduce noise level, but adding soundproof insulation inside your home also can help. Rockwool offers excellent soundproof insulation for under your home (if you have a crawlspace) and inside the walls. Good luck!

  2. I bought a 16 kw hole house General generator , installed it and had the gas hook up by my gas company. It has not run and has no time on the run clock because it is stuck in the natural gas setting and I have propane gas. Contacted the General people I got no where, its my problem it’s jammed in natural gas for a machine they made. I just contacted Norwell in Arizona and they are trying to help me get this generator fixed. I don’t know what to tell you about buying a General unit, I am a little down on this company right now. I will get back to you if this expensive unit ever runs.

    • Sorry to hear you’re having these issues, but thanks for sharing your experience with the TodaysHomeowner.com community, David!
      Let us know how it goes!
      Take care. 🙂


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