Why a Metal Roof Gives This Gulf Coast Couple Peace of Mind

Susan and Barker Stein live on the Gulf Coast, where there’s plenty of severe weather, along with potential destruction and danger. That’s why the couple chose a metal roof.

“We live in an area where there are substantial storms — wind damage and things like that can occur,” Barker says.

When Hurricane Ivan hit in 2004, Category 5-force winds sent trees flying through the couple’s roof, causing major damage.

That’s when Barker realized the importance of overhead protection, so the couple decided to buy a metal roof.

While browsing through options, they quickly learned the truth about metal roofs, and that metal roofs no longer look industrial.

“I was delighted to find out that we had choices” as far as color and style, Susan says.

The couple went with interlocking shake shingles, the most wind-resistant metal roof available.

The roof is low maintenance and keeps the couple safe and secure from the top down — providing them peace of mind.

Learn more about metal roofs on the Metal Roofing Alliance’s website.


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