Wet & Forget Spider Killer Saves the Day

Woman holding bottle of Miss Muffet's Revenge spider killer.

Miss Muffet’s Revenge from Wet & Forget is the easy way to kill spiders in your house and keep them away for up to 12 months.

Go to www.wetandforget.com to find out more.

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Beth: Oh!

Kim: What’s the matter?

Beth: There’s a spider in the bathroom!

Kendall: You’re afraid of a little old spider?

Beth: This one is not little.

Kim: Leave it to me. I got this! Miss Muffet’s Revenge is a cutting-edge, household spray that provides total home protection from spiders inside and out. Just one application keeps spiders away for up to 12 months!

Beth: Yes!

Kim: Miss Muffet’s Revenge works inside and outside. Plus, this precision sprayer reaches areas up to 12 feet away. You just spray the cobwebs today and brush down tomorrow.

Beth: Wow, that really gets rid of them.

Kendall: Yeah, you think it would work on Billy?

Kim: Miss Muffet’s Revenge. Spiders can run, but they can’t hide.


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